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New York Landlord & Tenant Litigation: In the Courtroom (Update)

1h 41m

Created on February 19, 2021





In this second program in a series on NYC Landlord-Tenant Litigation, attorneys will learn to initiate Summary Proceedings for the Recovery of Real Property pursuant to the Real Property Actions and Proceedings Law (RPAPL), and will learn how to successfully prosecute (or defend) the case through motion practice and trial. In this session, we will also discuss how to think strategically about these cases to obtain desired objectives. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Initiate the summary proceeding
  2. Supervise and effectuate valid service of process pursuant to the RPAPL
  3. Exploit defects in petitions and service of process in an L&T case
  4. Conduct motion practice, including Motions for Rent Deposits/Pendente Lite Use and Occupancy; Motions for Disclosure in Summary Proceedings; Motions to Strike Affirmative Defenses; Motions to Dismiss; and Summary Judgment Motions
  5. Successfully try a landlord and tenant proceeding

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