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Introduction to Landlord and Tenant Litigation in New York Part 1: Getting a Case Started (Predicate Notices)

1h 33m

Created on January 19, 2024




In this program, attorneys are introduced to landlord and tenant litigation in New York and taken step by step through the beginning stages of a case. Landlord and tenant cases are often won or lost before the case is even filed because landlord and tenant cases almost always begin with predicate notices, which are not amendable. A myriad of legal and factual issues must be examined, understood, and dealt with in order to bring a winnable case on behalf of a landlord. If you are representing tenants, this is the class where you will learn about some great defenses.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify who is in a space
  2. Review the characteristics of a variety of housing types, including: Free Market, Rent Regulated (like Rent Stabilization), Section 8 (and other benefits), Cooperatives, Lofts, Interim Multiple Dwellings, SRO's, and Co-Living units.
  3. Abstract a lease to prepare for litigation
  4. Develop a checklist of things you must check before filing (or planning to defend against) a landlord and tenant case
  5. Recognize the differences between a summary proceeding and regular plenary lawsuits
  6. Distinguish a nonpayment proceeding from a holdover proceeding and understand when each should be utilized
  7. Draft a defensible predicate notice, including a rent demand, a notice to cure default, or a termination notice

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