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How Should Lawyers Use AI? An Overview of Legal-Specific and General AI Tools

1h 4m

Created on May 08, 2024





Consider the risks of using AI as an attorney. Now consider the risks of not using AI. Stay ahead of the competition without losing your law license by learning to use the right AI tools for the right circumstances and how. There is no universal AI (at least not yet) and each has different specific use cases or use cases that are better for some and not others. This presentation will discuss the difference between legal-specific and general AI tools, how to leverage the right tools in the right instances of running a law firm and delivering legal services, and an overview of many of the tools available to use at the time of presenting.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Analyze a wide array of AI tools on the market
  2. Identify the appropriate AI tools for specific law firms and legal tasks
  3. Responsibly develop a framework for incorporating AI into your legal practice

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