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Law Subscribed: Subscription Models for Legal Services

1h 6m

Created on June 05, 2023





The legal profession is ripe for disruption, and the subscription model is starting to make waves. Clients will know what they are paying an attorney and what they get in return before legal services are provided. Attorneys will be incentivized to modernize their practice to make it more efficient allowing them to scale their business and earn more than with the billable hour while making per-client fees more affordable. Improve your own mental health and that of your attorney employees while increasing the likelihood of employed attorney retention. In the course, taught by Mathew Kerbis, Founding Attorney of Subscription Attorney LLC, viewers will learn about the subscription model for your practice, the technology behind how to do it, and different iterations of how to adapt the model with ethical considerations in mind.

Learning Objectives:

  1. The benefits of a subscription-based model (regular/predictable payments, creation of an ongoing relationship with clients, increased attorney retention, and improved mental health)
  2. How to develop a subscription-based program tailored for your clients
  3. Applicable bar rules governing subscription billing
  4. What type of technology to use to implement a subscription system

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