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Podcasting for Lawyers Using AI

1h 5m

Created on April 24, 2024





Struggling to keep up with expensive legal marketing campaigns? Learn how to leverage the exciting world of podcasting to build legal brand awareness and establish yourself as a thought leader without breaking the bank. This presentation dives deep into practical strategies for attorneys to start a podcast that is informative and engaging. You'll learn efficient workflows using readily available AI-powered tools to save you time and resources. The best part? You'll walk away with all of the requisite knowledge to launch a podcast for your legal skills! Stop feeling overwhelmed by complex marketing strategies. Take control and grow your practice with the power of podcasting – all on your own terms!

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discover your "why" to start a podcast to grow your firm
  2. Analyze to select a name/brand/format to utilize your legal skills and knowledge
  3. Outline monetization options to build your firm and brand
  4. Experiment with an example workflow

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