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AI Will End the Billable Hour: Are You Prepared?

1h 3m

Created on April 22, 2024





AI is already changing how law firms deliver legal services. In this course, Mathew Kerbis, The Subscription Attorney, provides strategies for using artificial intelligence in your law practice, guidance on how to actually use artificial intelligence such as prompt engineering, and shares insights into why artificial intelligence will democratize law and foretells the end of the billable hour and why you need to start using the subscription model. Firms billing by the hour will see profitability decrease when using AI and will be outcompeted by firms using AI and alternative fees.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Employ and incorporate artificial intelligence into legal services
  2. Evaluate legal prompt engineering
  3. Break down billing clients when using artificial intelligence
  4. Predict the future of the practice of law will look like using large language models

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