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Jury Selection in DUI Cases

1h 2m

Created on April 30, 2020





This program, Presented by Robert S. Reiff, will teach attorneys the unique issues involved in picking a jury in a DUI case. The topics that will be covered include an understanding of group dynamics and the science of identifying emergent leaders in a group. Participants will learn to pick out the potential jurors who believe that people should be "personally responsible" as opposed to those who believe in the concept of "social responsibility." The program will review how to ask key questions, including attitudinal questions, finding out how alcohol has adversely impacted a juror's life, discussing the juror's own driving records, and ferreting out who really means it when they say they can be "fair and impartial."

The course will benefit all lawyers who handle DUI cases, whether they are new in the game or more advanced practitioners. 

Learning Objectives:
  1. Review the science on group dynamics and how to influence juries
  2. Identify the key attitudes you want - and don't want - in a juror
  3. Compose subtle but effective juror selection questions
  4. Incorporate your theory of defense into the voir dire process 

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