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Toxicology 101 for Attorneys

1h 38m

Created on March 15, 2021





This program will provide a broad overview of what attorneys need to know about the science of toxicology in order to effectively navigate their drugs and alcohol related cases. The course will cover the effects of alcohol as well as common street and prescription drugs on the body, the science of interpreting drug screens, how alcohol absorption can be delayed or increased, and the connection between drug levels and impairment. 

Taught by board-certified toxicologist Allison Muller and Robert Reiff, this program will establish useful basic principles for attorneys seeking to understand the science behind drug and alcohol-related impairment. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. List the expected effects on the body from common street and prescription drugs
  2. Differentiate between drug/alcohol levels obtained from blood, urine, breath
  3. Identify common false positives when interpreting drug screen results
  4. Assess the utility of drug levels for commonly encountered street and legal drugs
  5. Describe the correlation between drug and alcohol levels and level of impairment

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