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Election Protection for Attorneys: How to Help Voters in 2020

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Produced on September 25, 2020

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Course Description

This program will survey the problems most likely to disenfranchise vulnerable voters in the 2020 election and avenues to overcome them, focusing on nuts-and-bolts voting mechanics such as voter registration, voting by mail, long lines, voter ID, provisional ballots, early voting, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on voters and election administrators.

Presented by Doug Lindner, National Voter Protection Director of the Voter Protection Corps, this program will benefit legal professionals serving as poll workers, poll observers, hotline volunteers, election administrators, or in any other capacity related to facilitating the voting process.

Attendees who do not yet have a role to facilitate the voting process in the upcoming election are encouraged (but not required) to serve their communities as poll workers, and can sign up to do so at "voter-protection.org/be-a-pollworker".

Learning Objectives:
  1. Identify the key issues causing problems for voters
  2. Discuss the legal and governmental structure of election administration
  3. Assist voters facing common problems
  4. Consider opportunities to get involved in facilitating the democratic process in your community

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Doug Lindner

Voter Protection Corps

Doug Lindner is a voting rights lawyer and political staffer currently serving as National Voter Protection Director of the Voter Protection Corps, a nonprofit dedicated to preserving and expanding the right to vote. Prior to joining the Voter Protection Corps, he served as Campaign Counsel and National Voter Protection Director for Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s presidential campaign and Voter Protection Director for the Montana Democratic Party during Senator Jon Tester’s successful re-election campaign. Doug has also served on the Democratic Party’s Voter Protection teams for Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s election and New Hampshire Senator Maggie Hassan’s election, and worked on voting rights and civil rights issues nationwide at the ACLU. He holds a J.D. and an M.P.A. from New York University.


William C.

Outstanding course!

Jill B.

Go Vegan

Cynthia H.

Thank you.

Sarah M.

Great program, thank you! Signed up to be a poll worker :)

Laurie S.

This presenter was exceptional!

Michelle P.

The presenter was knowledgeable, well-spoken, easy to understand and a overall pleasure to listen to. Thanks!!

Scott B.

The presenter was extremely knowledgeable, but I wish the course had been extended to 1.5 hours because too much material to cover in just 1 hour.

Rene B.

Informative. Excellent resources. Thank you.

Hillary A.

Great course! Thanks!

Daniel L.

excellent and timely topic

Michael O.

Exceeded my expectations. Excellent program.

Adina N.

The best so far - very relevant/timely

April W.

Excellent presenter Well organized Engaging Loved it

Mary F.

Excellent presentation.

Janet H.

THIS GUY WAS TERRIFIC. Super useful info. Highly recommend.

Janine M.

There was a lot of info in a compressed time frame but it was well presented with good supporting documentation.

James K.

Extremely well informed and timely information. My highest recommendation.

Kenneth V.

Nice job. Timely.

Carrie K.

Timely and packed with useful information. Great program.

Catherine F.

Great info and veryrelevant

allison s

Thank you.

Seth S.

I appreciated that Doug spoke quickly, covered the topic thoroughly, and was engaging.

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