A Perfect Storm: The Intersection of Fake News, Celebrity Endorsements & Social Media

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Produced on: July 24, 2018

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Time 63 minutes
Difficulty Intermediate

What do fake news, celebrity and expert endorsements and social media have in common?

They all involve sensational, well known and incredibly scalable, compelling distractions and attractions, potentially swaying beliefs and opinions. They are all very difficult to substantiate or authenticate and digital and mobile platforms have provided the speed and an audience far faster and broader than could have ever been imaginable in the past.

The term “fake news” became a household word in large part as a result of the 2016 Presidential election in the United States. But in historical terms, fake news, endorsements by well-known or well-regarded individuals and even social media are hardly new. Benjamin Franklin has been alleged to have been guilty of spreading false news reports and celebrity endorsements or advertisements featuring experts in a variety of fields have been a promotional tool of the marketing industry for centuries. Social media – think telephone party lines, gossip columns and even the ancient Greek agora – all served as ‘watering holes’ for real and unreal pronouncements.

Like so much of the digital and mobile world from which we all now get our information, how do we distinguish real news from information that appears credible, possibly even from a reputable media source, but that is incorrect, often harmful to the subject of the report and far too often created with the intent of benefitting the originator in some way. How can you tell whether a celebrity or expert endorsing a particular product or service is legitimate given today’s digital toolkits, photoshop capabilities, superimposed material and voice-overs, not to mention the laws and regulations that govern endorsements by celebrities and experts. The legitimate endorsements are surrounded by regulation. The fake ones are far too easy to create. Indeed, in a world in which studies consistently show consumers trust their peers more than corporations and advertisers, no wonder ‘influencers’ have arisen from the ranks of bloggers, YouTube producers and Web and mobile-based content producers and they in turn, relish the ability to leverage the notoriety of famous people to help promote their products and services. So do those who create false promotions.

On social media platforms, ‘fake’ - misinformation - spreads widely, far beyond the channels where a “normal” story may land. Furthermore, social media moves incredibly fast and attorneys must adapt and be ready to comply with protocols despite the breakneck speed of a developing crisis. Traditional responses by individuals who may be defamed, by celebrities whose rights of publicity may be violated, for businesses whose trademarks are being infringed simply weren’t designed and certainly aren’t capable of meeting the challenges of social media driven communications moving on digital and mobile platforms at the speed of light.

This program, presented by Joseph Rosenbaum, will examine some of the key principles of law and regulation that apply to these issues in today’s interactive, digital, mobile ecosystem and provide some practical strategies for dealing with them and counseling clients.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Recognize the implications of fake news, endorsements  and social media have to consumers, as well as the individuals and companies that are targets of misinformation
  2. Identify the key legal and regulatory principles that apply
  3. Examine what steps can be taken to prevent or minimize damage and how to develop strategies and action plan, in advance, to effectively deal with problems when they arise


Joseph Rosenbaum

Rimon, P.C.

Joe is an internationally recognized and highly valued media, entertainment, marketing and promotions, corporate-commercial transactional lawyer, known as much for his strategic advice and policy acumen, as his legal skills and judgment. Prior to joining Rimon, Joe was a partner in the New York office of Reed Smith LLP and prior to private practice, served for 17 years as an in-house lawyer for American Express, including 4 years in Toronto as Vice President & General Counsel of Amex Canada.

Joe’s extraordinary background, the scope of his experience and understanding of traditional legal considerations enables him to stay at the forefront of today’s innovative digital and mobile technologies. Joe is equally at home working on film production and financing, streaming video and music services, co-branded credit card matters or data protection implications of loyalty rewards programs, as he is working on international gaming, online promotions, digital payment systems, complex outsourcing transactions or mobile marketing campaigns. As a trusted advisor, Joe has negotiated executive and board level agreements and is routinely sought out for counsel regarding strategic plans, revenue growth, business and product development.

Over almost four decades, Joe has worked collaboratively and successfully with clients around the world and in virtually every industry: media, sports and entertainment, including film, television, music and publishing; financial services and payment systems; advertising, promotions and celebrity endorsements; marketing, brand management and loyalty-rewards programs; online, mobile and video gaming and sports betting; travel, lifestyle and travel related services, including airlines and hotels; digital and mobile technology and telecommunications; procurement, sourcing and outsourcing; virtual and augmented reality. His work routinely requires him to advise and work with clients on matters involving privacy, data protection, cybersecurity, compliance, crisis, fraud and risk management.

Combined with Rimon’s attorneys, Joe’s network of professionals developed through almost four decades of national and international practice is unparalleled - giving Joe the ability to get help and provide clients with the resources they need anywhere, anytime, on virtually any matter.

In addition to his legal work, Joe has served on numerous corporate, non-profit and industry association advisory boards and continues to advise commercial enterprises, associations and industry groups around the world.


Lisa K.

Enjoyed the presentation. Easy to follow with good examples.

Robert F.

Very informative and an excellent presenter.

Michael R.

Impressive connection of fake news and celebrity endorsements.

Robin B.

Great course. Very interesting and informative.

Zahara A.

Excellent presentation with real world examples. Highly recommended.

Katherine B.

One of the better presentations by far.

Dianna B.

Excellent presentation - excellent powerpoints

Gerald K.

Excellent speaker. Knew this subject well.

Lindsay C.

Great class

Mary W B.

Extremely interesting area of the law.

Elizabeth E.

Loved the presentation. Well done! He even cited one of my cases! Raymond Weil v Charlize Theron

v. ellen d.

This speaker was terrific. In law school I took a securities class at night because the speaker brought cases to life. Big Kudos to him.

Andrea R.

Very engaging and quality information helpful to counsel. This is the kind of program that makes Lawline such an excellent option for CLE!

Iliana P.

I really enjoyed the commercials as visual aids

Carol M.

Very entertaining

William G.

interesting content!

Alfred S.

Excellent program!

Frank R.

Nice job!

Karen J.

Great speaker

Brent M.


Michael B.

Thank you.

Alison C.

A very interesting program.

Eric R.

Super presentation with relevant video snippets. Great new information. Best of the CLE's I have taken at this time

Diane I.

Interesting course. Well presented.

alison g.

very interesting

Vicki B.

Excellent materials and presentation. Thanks!

Larry S.

Excellent presentation.

Brook M.

Good presentation skills, engaging.

Leonard S.


Yvette S.

Interesting and informative. Enjoyed the multi-media presentation

Melody E.

Very Interesting and current topic

Tommy M.

Very interesting. Speaker was engaging.

Jim B.

Fascinating program and excellent speaker!

Juanita B.

Outstanding. Current, informative, excellent presentation, effective use of visuals.

Laura T.

Fun CLE!

Fran C.

This is the most interesting CLE I've watched since subscribing to Lawline. This was relevant to todays political climate as well.

Mattie A.


Steve S.

Great course

Judith R.

Great presentation; really enjoyed the slides/videos--they added a lot.

Maryjane L.


Cheryl W.

Very good and up to date.

Belinda B.

Really interesting and helpful

john a redmon r.

good program

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Excellent presenter and subject! I really enjoyed it!!

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Effective use of examples familiar to most anyone.

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Relevant topic with useful information.

Marty D.

very entertaining.

John A.

Fine presentation with very apt and interesting examples from real life.

Napha T.

Great presentation!

Paul P.

Thank you.

Marian W.

Very interesting and well presented.

Mark J.

Excellent course - one of the better CLE's I've had. The presenter was much better than average. The quantity of material covered was surprising, and the presentation itself was both informative and entertaining. Nice work.

Ivan W.

Great presenter.

Joan F.

Very interesting and good use of illustrative materials

Edward S.

I do endorsement deals for a living but this presentation was fantastic!! Great content and very insightful and entertaining. Great job!

Geoffrey K.

Very good presentation and excellent materials.

Lisa W.

Great and funny examples. Informative and interesting CLE.

Miriam W.


Theodor S.

timely and interesting cases sited.

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excellent use of media

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Very informative and interesting presentation of a pertinent issue.

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One of the best courses in your line up

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Timely, relevant and very well presented

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Great overview

Andrew C.

This was a good topic. Something out of the ordinary that tangentially impacts on most of us.

Wendy W.

excellent program

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