Curriculum Bundle

Negotiation Skills 2020

Are you looking to improve your negotiation skills? Look no further than this exclusive bundle. This Curriculum Bundle includes 2 courses

Curriculum Description

Negotiating is one of the most important skills for an attorney. Whether it’s a contract or a plea deal, you are constantly negotiating on behalf of your clients. This bundle, including best strategies and practices in negotiation, will help you hone your skills.

In this exclusive CLE series, top negotiators will highlight strategies for success so that you can best negotiate on behalf of your clients.

Credit Information

This course is pre-approved for CLE credit in the following states. If your state is not listed, contact support for more information on how to receive credit

Alabama (CLE)
2.1 General
Alaska (CLE)
2 General
Arizona (CLE)
2 General
Arkansas (CLE)
2 General
California (CLE)
2 General
Colorado (CLE)
1 General
Connecticut (CLE)
2 General
Florida (CLE)
2.5 General
Georgia (CLE)
2 General
Hawaii (CLE)
2 General
Illinois (CLE)
2 General
Kentucky (CLE)
2 General
Missouri (CLE)
2.4 General
Nevada (CLE)
2 General
New Jersey (CLE)
2.4 General
New Mexico (CLE)
2 General
New York (CLE)
2 Skills
North Carolina (CLE)
2 General
Oklahoma (CLE)
1 General
Oregon (CLE)
2 General
Pennsylvania (CLE)
2 General
South Carolina (CLE)
1.03 General
Texas (CLE)
2 General
Utah (CLE)
1 General
Vermont (CLE)
2 General
Virginia (CLE)
1 General
Washington (CLE)
1 Law and Legal Procedure
West Virginia (CLE)
2.4 General
Texas (TBLS)
2 General
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Sean Alden Smith
Sean Alden Smith Brach Eichler LLC
Kenneth Biedzynski
Kenneth Biedzynski Law Offices of Goldzweig, Green, Eiger & Biedzynski, L.L.C.
Carl J. Soranno
Carl J. Soranno Brach Eichler LLC
Kelley M. Rutkowski
Kelley M. Rutkowski Brach Eichler LLC

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