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Top Tips for Negotiating A Lease Agreement

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Produced on February 27, 2020

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Course Information

Time 1h 1m
Difficulty Intermediate
Topics covered in this course: Real Estate

Course Description

Negotiating any contract can be tricky, particularly if the contract you are discussing has possible long term consequences such as a lease agreement. Many leases present complex issues that the parties must face and anticipate, sometimes years in advance. This is true in the case of commercial lease agreements and sometimes even in the case of residential lease agreements. In this course, participants will learn negotiation tactics that can be used by both landlords and tenants in bargaining over important and material terms that apply to most lease agreements. Presented by Kenneth W. Biedzynski, Esq., this course will canvas and discuss important negotiating tactics as well as drafting and bargaining strategies that both parties should consider and implement.

In addition to discussing the above concepts, transactional forms will be presented and examined.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify laws applicable to commercial and residential lease agreements
  2. Review checklists for key and material issues that should be addressed in most commercial and residential lease agreements
  3. Discuss concerns and issues relating to difficult negotiations as well as addressing what happens when an impasse is reached in the negotiation process
  4. Develop best practices for negotiating commercial and residential lease agreements

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Kenneth Biedzynski

Law Offices of Goldzweig, Green, Eiger & Biedzynski, L.L.C.

Ken Biedzynski is a law partner with the law offices of Goldzweig, Green, Eiger & Biedzynski, LLC, in the firm’s Freehold, New Jersey, office. Mr. Biedzynski is licensed to practice law in New Jersey and he has been so since 1993. His practice specializes in landlord-tenant law and he has represented various local and national property management companies, residential landlords, residential tenants, commercial landlords, as well as commercial tenants in his 24 years of practicing law. Mr. Biedzynski also serves as special counsel to Marlboro Township (Monmouth County, New Jersey) in affordable housing matters and he has been in that capacity since 2008.

In representing both residential and commercial landlords and tenants, Mr. Biedzynski has drafted numerous residential and commercial leases and he has also litigated various landlord-tenant cases in many counties throughout the State of New Jersey. He has represented clients relating to regulatory matters for subsidized housing, represented clients in rent controlled communities, represented mobile home communities, prosecuted various types of eviction actions under New Jersey’s Anti-Eviction Act, and, handled and defended various post-eviction proceedings against both residential and commercial tenants.

In addition to performing transactional work and litigating various landlord-tenant matters, Mr. Biedzynski also has an extensive legal writing background. He has authored numerous articles for West’s American Jurisprudence 2d and Illinois Practice and he also has written numerous law review articles for Seton Hall School of Law, the University of Miami, as well as written articles for the New Jersey Apartment Association.


Anthony M.

Expand this course into a 1.5 hour class so all the material may be discussed by this very pleasant and knowledgeable attorney.

Daniel K.

very knowledgeable in the subject matter

Michael L.

He has a good speaking style, and clearly knowledgeable. Much less boring than other CLE's I have watched.

Stephanie K.



very informative


So much material but so little time to cover. The speaker was the best. Very clear and very interesting.

Michelle S.

Fantastic instructor.

Madison R.

I really appreciated Ken covering the basics as well as the more complicated elements of lease negotiation.

Ashley L.

This course was great! I’d love a part 2!

James A.

Clear and well-organized.

Fred B.

Very engaging. One of the most enjoyable and informative speakers on this site.

James H S.

Excellent! He crammed a lot of material into 1 hour.

James S.

Entertaining AND educational!

Bruce C.

Well done. A lot of material to cover. This would be far better as a two hour presentation. Good mix of legal issues with nuts and bolts reality. With sufficient time this theme could have been further explored. Very personable presenter.

Gary R.

Excellent presentor

Mark B.

Excellent presentation. Thank you.

Michael L.

Very well presented

Mais A.

very engaging speaker!!!!

Jeremy S.

Thank you.

Matthew R.

Very detailed and helpful.

Joseph M.

Good presentation

Jean U.

Really like this guy. Give him more time !

Richard C.

Good speaker, course should be longer

Bruce M.

Very well done

James D.

Excellent presentation. Great materials-covered major components of commercial leases. You do not have to apologize, you provided good examples and background more than enough to justify the course presentation. I have worked on leases for the Freehold Raceway mall.

Donald A.


Sherry G.

excellent course!

Gregory W.

Very informative.

Roberta B.

Very knowledgeable presenter for a complex area of practice

Juliet P.

He was a very strong presenter and I don't say that about many of the lawline presenters :-)

Todd C.

This was a really good presenter....very good presentation skills and content was informative and practical.

Jennifer M.

Excellent presenter. I suggest bringing him back in a part 2 of this topic so he has more time to go through the details of the last part of his presentation. He was interesting, engaging and provided useful materials.

Christopher W.

Great presenter...would watch another hour.

S Margaret P.

This could have been a 90-min or 2-hr course. Good presenter and info.

Joe H.

The Presenter was EXCELLENT. He demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the topic and presented it with a perfect balance of information, real-world examples, and entertainment. It was perfect.

Valerie C.

He was a very articulate and knowledgeable speaker. This was a very informative and well presented course, as well as the materials.

James H.

Good presentation. Very informative.

James E H.

Please consider adding a "Part 2" of this presentation, as the presenter has extensive knowledge in the area and a unique ability to tie together the various pieces of the puzzle. As always, thank you for providing excellent content.

Kevin M.

Excellent presentation

Kim K.

GREAT presenter; relevant comment; He needed more time and I would have stayed to hear more. :)

Eun K.

I really enjoyed this speaker today. He's been one of the best so far.

Charles C.

very good speaker.

Brian B.

Very helpful slides and appreciated the interaction the instructor had with participant questions.

Julianne I.

There could definitely be a part 2 particularly on commercial leases,

Jane C.

This instructor is very clear and teaches in easy to remember and understand terms.

Kerry L.

Great and informative presentation. Thank you.

Pauline M.

Very well spoken!

Peter K.

This presenter was excellent.

David M.

Great presenter

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