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Using Police Misconduct Databases in Criminal and Civil Rights Litigation

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Produced on January 21, 2020

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Time 1h 1m
Difficulty Intermediate

Course Description

When defending a criminal case or pursuing civil rights claim against a police officer or department, information about prior officer misconduct can be crucial evidence. However, finding this data can be very difficult, and using it to build your case is not always straightforward. This program will provide attorneys with an introduction to police misconduct histories, including how to utilize FOIA requests and court records to obtain information and build a database, and how to introduce this data in a court case and demonstrate a nexus between past behavior and your theory of the case. 

Learning Objectives:
  1. Investigate police officer misconduct through a variety of information-gathering mechanisms
  2. Interpret data and introduce evidence of police misconduct in court
  3. Use police misconduct histories to build your case in criminal and civil rights litigation 

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Cynthia Conti-Cook

Stoll, Glickman & Bellina, LLP

Cynthia has been the lead litigator in over 100 class and individual civil rights federal and state actions, Freedom of Information litigation, criminal, appellate, amicus and administrative actions in all five boroughs, three appellate divisions, the Court of Appeals and all four federal district courts in NYS.
Law reform experience includes co-creation of the Cop Accountability Project and Database, CAPstat.NYC, writing and delivering oral testimony, law reform campaign strategy, writing white papers, consulting with legislators, and leading advocacy groups.
Media work includes pitching in-depth investigations, editorials, organizing and speaking at press conferences, television, film, press quotes and op-eds.
Training experience includes leading training and presentations at more than 30 national conferences and training.


Inyeai O.


Douglas C.

Interesting and provides new insights.

Mark S.


Tamara L.

Excellent, clear, concise presentation. Great job!

Jay G.

Good coverage of a limited use topic, but, interesting.

Ronald H.

Excellent presentation

W B.

Detailed and interesting, compelling.

Dianna B.

Excellent presenter - great materials

Georgette O.

One of the best CLEs I've taken here at Lawline. Amazing and so useful as a Brady prosecutor who wants to reform prosecution in Texas.

Michael P.

Great presentation & excellent materials

Susan M. B.

One of the most interesting course I have taken. Highlights the difficulty in defending against police misconduct and the extra layers that attorneys must properly peel to represent defendants well Great speaker.

James A. H.

excellent presentation and informative

Charles F.

Excellent presentation

Major R. C.

Good Course!

Ronald F.

Outstanding presenter

Salomon Z.

Great course.

Lucia T.

This was epic. I will be recommending this to others.

Ronald N.

Very Informative!

C. T. A.

Very helpful information. Presenter knowledgeable and confident in her presentation of information. Well done.

angela v.

Both informative and empowering!!!

Brett K.

Cynthia is terrific. A well organized, well presented, and very useful program. Thanks Cynthia!!

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