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Shackled to Our Screens: How Technology Has Imprisoned the Legal Profession

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Created on March 24, 2022



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Join Laurie Besden, Executive Director of Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers of Pennsylvania, for a discussion focused on how our dependence on screens is negatively impacting our mental health. The prevalence rates of substance use and mental health challenges in the legal profession were already astounding, yet our inability to "de-screen" is only magnifying feelings of isolation and loneliness. Navigating the pandemic, we became even more dependent on screens and devices to function and stay connected. As we transition to the next "new normal," it is more important than ever that we are mindful of our screen time and intentional about how we spend our time, including prioritizing self-care and wellness. We will discuss well-being tips and strategies that can be implemented into our daily lives with ease. We also will discuss how our dependence on anything from screens to substances can impact our ability to uphold the Model Rules of Professional Conduct. At the end of the day, we all function better after a "hard reset," not just our devices.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss the impact of increased screen time on our ability to uphold the Model Rules of Professional Conduct

  2. Review the prevalence rates of substance use and mental health disorders in the legal profession and the hit quarantine has taken on our mental health 

  3. Analyze the alarming statistics regarding our dependence on our devices, as well as signs and symptoms of digital device dependence

  4. Strategize regarding how to be more mindful of where we spend our time, which is our most valuable resource and currency

  5. Review the confidential, safe, free, and supportive resources available through the lawyer's assistance programs

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