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Overcoming the "Secret" Addiction: Gambling in the Legal Profession

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Created on January 29, 2021



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Recent studies have shown that there has been a dramatic increase in impairment due to alcoholism, drug addiction, and mental health disorders among members of the legal profession. The statistics are compelling and clearly indicate that 1 out of 3 attorneys will likely have a need for substance use or mental health services at some point in their careers. 

What about that "other" addiction - gambling? In 2018, the United States Supreme Court, in Murphy vs. NCAA, held that sports gambling was legal in all of the United States. By 2020, 22 states had added on-line gambling accessible by cell phone, computer, and tablets. With it came the compulsive gambler. 

This program, Presented by Brian S. Quinn of Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers of PA will explore not only Gambling Disorder, but also the connection between gambling and the more well-known forms of impairment and why lawyers are at higher risk to develop problems. This problem has only been exacerbated by the stress, anxiety, and isolation caused by the coronavirus crisis.  

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the early warning signs of impairment and how they relate to gambling disorders. Special attention will be given to the connection between the Coronavirus and its impact on social isolation, stress, anxiety, depression and gambling disorders
  2. Become familiar with the free services that Lawyers Assistance Programs provide to lawyers, judges, their family members, and law students
  3. Examine what barriers exist that prevent lawyers and judges from seeking the help they need will be provided
  4. Explore the role that education plays in breaking the stigma and the fear associated with addiction and mental illness in the legal profession

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