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Beyond Mere Lip Service: Best Practices for Creating a Wellness Program that Supports the Needs of Lawyers

1h 2m

Created on November 19, 2021




This course is part of the virtual event, Humans First: Supporting The Whole Attorney Through Well-Being. Access this course and more. Learn more


In this course with lawyer and consultant Alyssa Johnson, you will learn what motivates and inspires lawyers to be the best versions of themselves and how the current structure of the legal profession is at odds with what makes lawyers happy. Alyssa discusses law practice well-being programs, including activities and organizational support systems (like resources for working parents), and explores best practices for providing the resources that lawyers really need and want. 

The neuroscience of happiness and pleasure will also be discussed, as well as ways to work with our brains so that we're able to more easily access states of joy and pleasure. All of this information will be tied into why well-being is crucial for lawyers in order to maintain ethical obligations.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Analyze well-being programs and what truly supports lawyers
  2. Identify what makes lawyers happy, the neuroscience behind happiness and pleasure, and changes that need to occur within the legal profession in order for our law practices to align with the way our brains operate at a chemical level
  3. Review the ethical obligations implicated in maintaining lawyer well-being

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