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New York


Joseph R. Reynolds, PE, MEWI, MAE, is internationally recognized as a forensic engineering expert witness and is an authority regarding the investigation and analysis of aircraft accidents, aircraft fires and equipment failures, systems reliability research, and safety analysis, as well as producing emergency response preparedness scenarios and major claims resolution training courses, such as AViCON. He has served as the team leader and technical director, as well as principal testifier, in large multidisciplinary investigations. Examples of his specific experience in aviation encompass aircraft accident analysis and cockpit scenario reconstructions, airborne radar and communications, electric power systems, aircraft wiring and protection, flight sensors and controls, avionics and instrumentation analysis, aircraft electrical safety hazards, and the production of integrated flight  path  visualizations and simulations. Mr. Reynolds also has considerable experience in research, assembly, and testing of aircraft electronics.

Mr. Reynolds is the founder and president of RTI Group, LLC, and Anamet, Inc. based in the US, as well as the founder and chairman of the London based UK firm Reynolds Technological Inquiries Limited, RTI Ltd, with an office in South America.  The RTI companies are an international consultancy and centre for research staffed by experienced expert witnesses who are supported by a certified chemical and materials analysis laboratory, forensic testing and joint inspection facilities, as well as a multimedia visual exhibits studio. A highly-diversified firm, RTI specializes in bespoke engineering investigations and the accident and failure analysis of various sized matters also involving marine, rail, telecommunications, power utilities, and other high risk industries.

Mr. Reynolds has given expert testimony for international arbitration hearings and various courts of law, and has appeared before safety boards and international professional forums.

Academic Background

  • Postgraduate Studies, Engineering and Mathematics, The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland.
  • B.E.S., Electrical Engineering, The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland.
  • A.A.S., Electrical Technology, The Capitol Institute of Technology, Washington, D.C.
  • University of Leeds, Fire/Explosion Dynamics, United Kingdom.
  • University of Liverpool, Basic British Law, United Kingdom.
  • The Royal Society of Medicine, British Court Procedures, United Kingdom.


  • Registered Professional Engineer, Electrical: Maryland

Professional Experience

  • Founder and President of RTI Group, LLC (RTI), Annapolis, MD, February 2006 to present.
  • Founder and CEO of Reynolds Technological Inquiries Limited, RTI Ltd (RTI), London, UK, July 2005 to present. 
  • Founder and President of Reynolds Technologies International, LLC (RTI), wholly-owned subsidiary of FTI Consulting, Inc. (FTI), Annapolis, MD, 2003-2004.
  • CEO and Executive Director, Anamet, Inc., Hayward, California, 2003 to present. Reestablished materials engineering and testing laboratory originally founded in 1958.
  • Co-founder, FTI Consulting, Inc., Annapolis, Maryland, 1982-2003. Served as Senior Vice 
  • President, Chief Scientist, President, Vice Chairman, and Chairman. Team leader and principal investigator on numerous major loss investigations, aviation accident analyses, product and systems reliability research and safety analysis reviews, while serving as the head of all Engineering and Scientific Services that became the Applied Sciences Consulting Division.
  • Director, Forensic Engineering Directorate, ManTech International Corporation, CADCOM Division, 1975-1982. Established and developed forensic engineering analysis serviceswhile directing and conducting investigations and research involving aging power generation equipment, electrical accidents, and equipment failures. 
  • Research Engineer, Aerospace Safety, Airborne Military Intelligence Operations and Research, prior to 1975. Participated in writing System Safety Manuals for NASA flight systems. Directed and conducted root cause failure investigations primarily in the areas of aircraft avionics and black box equipment failures, fires, explosions, and electric wiring. Additional experience with United States Air Force (USAF) airborne radar systems and military intelligence research for EW operations.  

Professional Associations and Activities

  • Academy of Experts of London, Full Member
  • Advisory Committee, Mathematical Sciences Department, G.W.C. WSE, JHU
  • American Society of Safety Engineers, Professional Member
  • Expert Witness Institute of London, Full Member 
  • Institute of Civil Protection and Emergency Management, Fellow Member
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Life Senior Member: Aerospace and 
  • Electronic Systems Society -  Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society -  Power Engineering Society
  • International Association of Arson Investigators, Member
  • International Society of Air Safety Investigators, Member No. MO3982
  • The Johns Hopkins University, Board of Trustees, Emeritus Member
  • The Johns Hopkins University, Whiting School of Engineering, National Advisory Council Chairman
  • National Fire Protection Association, Life Member
  • National Society of Professional Engineers, Member
  • Nautical Institute, Member
  • Royal Aeronautical Society, Corporate Member
  • Tau Beta Pi, National Engineering Honorary Society
  • UK Flight Safety Committee, Corporate Member

Aviation Accident Investigations:

  • Swiss Air-flight 111 
  • Air France-flight 447 
  • Northwest-flight 255 
  • Value Jet-flight 592 DC-9 
  • American Eagle-flight 4184 
  • United-flight 232

Research Activities

  • Airborne Radar Research
  • Avionics and Aircraft Electrical Systems and Instrumentation Failure Analysis
  • Cable Insulation Failure Analyses 
  • Cockpit Accident Sequence Reconstruction
  • Computer Modelling and Animation Applications 
  • Electrical Fire Ignition Research
  • Electronic Warfare Research and Operations
  • Flight Path Reconstruction and Visualization 
  • Forensic Investigation of Aircraft Electrical Distribution System Incidents 
  • High-Energy Physics Research 
  • Reconstructive Fire Science and Full-Scale Burn Testing

Lectures and Presentations 

Frequent speaker, seminar presenter, and guest lecturer for a variety of groups and organizations 


  • The Federal Judicial Centre Research Division
  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
  • William and Mary School of Law, Courtroom 21 Project
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 
  • American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) 
  • International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI)
  • Insurance Claims and Underwriting Groups
  • The Telecommunications Industry
  • The Johns Hopkins University, Whiting School of Engineering
  • University of Maryland, School of Engineering
  • Morgan State University, School of Engineering
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology, Centre for Fire Research
  • Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE)
  • International Society of Air Safety Investigators (ISASI)
  • Georgetown University Law School, Aviation Law Lecturer
  • Inns of Court School of Law, Lloyds 
  • American Bar Association (ABA)
  • Expert Witness Institute
  • AViCON

Selected Publications and Presentations

  • Reynolds, J.R., PE, MEWI, MAE, Hull, Steve, FRAeS, “Disaster in the Islands,” AViCON 2012, New York, NY, April 2012.
  • Reynolds, J.R., PE, MEWI, MAE, Mitchell, S., PhD, “Disaster in the Islands,” AViCON 2010, Technical Programme, London, UK, November 2010.
  • Reynolds, J.R., PE, MEWI, MAE, Mitchell, S., PhD, Aviation Litigation CLE Seminar -Disaster in the Alps! New York City Bar. “Panelists: Prelude to a Case: Re-creation of a Foreign Aviation Accident.” June 2010.
  • Reynolds, J.R., AASc CEEng BEng PE MISASI MEWI MAE, “A Baltic Accident –Casualty Investigation,” Marine Investigation & Mediation Conference, Athens, Greece, October 2009.
  • Reynolds, J.R., PE, MEWI, Mitchell, S., PhD, “Forensic Services Presentation,” AViCON 2009 Technical Programme, New York City, NY, May 2009.
  • Reynolds, J.R., PE, MEWI, Braithwaite, G., “Investigating the Disaster,” AViCON 2008.
  • Reynolds, J.R., PE, MEWI, ”AViCON Disaster: Investigating the Causes, Resolving the Claims,”  London, UK, 9 October 2008.
  • Reynolds, J.R., PE, MEWI, “Reconstructing Property and Casualty Events Using Digital Evidence: The Role of the Forensic Expert Investigator,” Subrogation and Recovery in the Property and Casualty Insurance Markets, London Underwriting Centre, March 2007.
  • Reynolds, J.R., Crowch, T., West, K., “Investigation Strategies in Complex Claims Handling,” 2006.
  • Reynolds, J.R., PE, MEWI, Reynolds Technological Inquiries Limited, “Reconstructing Property and Casualty Events Using Digital Evidence: The Role of a Forensic Expert Investigator,” 2007.
  • Reynolds, J.R., PE, MEWI, “FTI Consulting, Inc.: Case Study,” The Johns Hopkins University Invitation to Entrepreneurship, 2005.
  • Reynolds, J.R., AASc CEEng BEng PE MISASI MEWI, “The Expert Witness in North America,” 2004.
  • Reynolds, J.R., AASc CEEng BEng PE MISASI MEWI, “Expert Evidence at Home and Abroad,” Royal College of Physicians – Regents Park, London, January 2004.
  • Reynolds, J.R., Manger, H.C., “Root Cause Analysis Following Failures: A Review of EPRI Technical Report 1001890,” 2004 International Conference of Doble Clients, 
  • Boston, MA, March 2004.
  • Reynolds, J.R., Manger, H.C. “The Engineer in Court, “International Conference of Doble Clients, Boston, MA, April 2003.
  • Reynolds, J. R.; Manger, H.C.; Samm, R., The Fundamentals of Forensic Investigation Procedures Guidebook, EPRI Technical Report 1001890, March 2003.
  • Reynolds, J. R.; Manager, H.C., “The Engineer in Court,” 2003 International Conference of Doble Clients, Boston, Massachusetts, April 6 – 11, 2003.
  • Reynolds, J. R., “The Role of the Forensic Expert Investigator, Reconstructing the Casualty Using Digital Evidence.” Subrogation and Recovery in the Property and Casualty Insurance Markets Conference, Lloyds of London, 5 February 2002.
  • Reynolds, J. R., Manger, H.C., “Journal of an Expert Witness, Part 2 – The Trial.” TJH2b TechCon 2002, Tampa Bay, Florida, January 23-25, 2002.
  • Reynolds, J. R., “Reconstructing the Casualty: Digital Evidence,” Eagle International Associates, International Claims Handling Conference, Lloyd’s of London, 8 October 2001.
  • Reynolds, J. R., “The Expert Witness in the U.S.A.” The Annual EWI Conference, London, 2002.
  • Reynolds, J. R., H. Carl Manger, “Journal of an Expert Witness, Part 1 –  The Deposition.” TechCon 2001 Conference, Mesa, Arizona, February 2001.
  • Reynolds, J. R., Bayan, F.P., “Achieving the Virtual Cockpit,” ISASI Forum, OctoberDecember 1999.
  • Reynolds, J. R., “Forensic Animation of a Fire Analysis (the Dupont Plaza Hotel Fire Computer Modeling Analysis).” Forensic Techniques for the 21stCentury, Lloyd’s of London, October 16-17, 2000. 
  • Reynolds, J. R. “Scientific and Engineering Animations Advance.” New York Law Journal, August 1999.
  • Reynolds, J. R., Bayan, Fawzi P. “Flight Path and Cockpit Sequence Reconstruction.”ISASI ’98 Barcelona, October 1998.
  • Reynolds, J.R., Matthews, S., Bayan, F. “AViCON” – The Premier – Gatwick, London, 1998.
  • Reynolds, J. R., Hasegawa, H. K., Alvares, N. J., White, J. A. “Analysis of an Extremely Large Computer Warehouse Fire.” Fire Risk and Hazard Assessment Symposium June 1996.
  • Reynolds, J. R., Allen, J. E. “FTI Field Modelling Analysis and Data Animation DuPont Plaza Hotel Fire.” International Conference on Fire Research and Engineering Proceedings NIST, SFPE, September 1995.
  • Reynolds, J. R. “Crawford Generating Station and Columbus Park Substation Fires.” Report of: Illinois Commerce Commission Staff, June 1991.
  •  Reynolds, J. R. “Hinsdale Central Office Fire Final Report.” Joint Report of Office of the State Fire Marshal and Illinois Commerce Commission Staff. March 1989.

Jurisdictions Admitted to Practice

  • New York

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