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Heather Engel is a Partner and Executive Vice President for Risk and Compliance at Sera-Brynn, a globally ranked cyber risk management firm headquartered in Suffolk. Prior to Sera-Brynn, Ms. Engel assisted government agencies and the Department of Defense in and securing advanced information systems and coordinating cyber warfare exercises. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from the Pennsylvania State University, an MBA from Florida Institute of Technology, and numerous industry certifications including Payment Card Industry Qualified Security Assessor, Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP), and Fully Qualified Navy Validator.

In the past year, she has been a keynote speaker at numerous conferences across the country, written articles, and served on cybersecurity panels with Vice President Joe Biden and Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe. She was a 2015 Inside Business Women in Business Honoree.

About Sera-Brynn:

Sera-Brynn is a global Cyber Risk Management firm dedicated to helping clients secure their computing environments and meet applicable mandatory industry and government compliance requirements.

Ranked number 10 in the Cybersecurity 500 hottest companies in the world and number 1 in Virginia, Sera-Brynn applies a holistic and all-inclusive approach to cyber risk management that includes auditing, advisory services, data breach response, and forensic investigations. Clients include Fortune 1000 companies, hospital networks, retail establishments, government agencies, financial institutions, higher education, national non-profits, and international joint ventures

Learn more about Sera-Brynn at www.sera-brynn.com, or connect @SeraBrynn.

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