Erika Gutierrez

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Erika has over 15 years of experience in luxury fashion and e-Commerce start-ups. She began in sales, and quickly moved up the ladder. After reaching the peak at brick and mortars, and launching a luxury flagship of Italian accessories in Manhattan, she understood the next logical step was to help build a company from the ground up. 


This pushed her into one of the most disruptive online multi-brand e-tailers which afforded her diverse operational, technical, and financial experience she needed to round out her skillset. She gained expertise dealing with multi-million dollar investments from V.C. firms and this is where she learned what truly differentiates a solid business plan, from an ordinary one. Emotion. What she noticed investors responding to, was the ability to emotionally connect them to a business, not just on a financial level, but what they felt in their gut. This is what will truly push investors to commit their capital, or even devote time, and support a business. 

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