Landlord and Tenant Litigation in New York State: A Seven-Part Series

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This series weaves an in depth examination of statutes, case law, and regulations together with the practical, useful, and often amusing, advice that only a veteran real estate attorney can offer.

There are, on average, 254,183 new landlord and tenant cases filed in the Housing Parts of the New York City Civil Courts every year. The courts are open about 250 days a year. That is 1,017 new cases, on average, for every day that the court is open. Moreover, these cases spawn an astounding 242,250 motions, on average, per year. These cases also result in 125,951 warrants of eviction. In other words, there is a huge volume of Landlord and Tenant cases working its way through the court system.

In NYC people are crowded closely together and they are competing for scarce resources, i.e. housing and places to run their businesses. That is truer than ever as the population of the city rises. This huge caseload produces interesting jurisprudence. There are many subtleties and conflicts between different appellate departments, appellate terms, the administrative agencies that oversee housing laws, and even judges in the same borough. This is a very politicized area of law. It is also very business-oriented, very market-sensitive. Landlord and Tenant law is real property law, with lots of twists. The concept of private property, and the ability to grant temporary estates in real property and later terminate them, undergird our society and our economy. This kind of litigation is fast paced and the high stakes involved make this work very challenging.

This bundle will accomplish two primary goals for LL&T attorneys in NYC. Michelle Itkowitz will explain the actual nuts and bolts of how to practice landlord and tenant law examine strategies that may be employed in this area to achieve valuable results in an ethical manner.

This program is as valuable for (if not more valuable for) tenant attorneys as it is for landlord attorneys.


New Jersey (CLE)
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New York (CLE)
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