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You're on the Hook: Mitigating Compliance Risks in an Era of Proactive Subcontractor Management

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Prime contractors have always been responsible for their subcontractors in a general sense. But in recent years, contractors have increasingly been required to shoulder specific, direct, and proactive responsibilities that reach far into their supply chains. This program explores the compliance responsibilities and risks in this era of what we call proactive subcontractor management. This program will conclude by looking ahead to new developments on the horizon in the area of subcontractor management obligations including a preview of the potential agenda of the next administration in this area.


Learning Objectives:

I.     Understand parts and materials sourcing

II.    Understand the related areas of labor, employment, and affirmative action 

III.   Grasp commercial item determinations / issues

IV.   Identify human trafficking issues

V.    Understand purchasing systems and overall purchasing management


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