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Your Time to Shine: Understanding the Lawyer's Duty to Report Abuse in Oregon


Created on June 24, 2021





Lawyers have a duty to report child and elder abuse in Oregon. But it doesn't have to be a burden…it can be an opportunity to be a superhero. Join the CLE Performer, Stuart Teicher, Esq., as he breaks down the statutory obligation for lawyers to report elder abuse and child abuse in Oregon…and shows how it could be seen as an empowering act of service. Teicher breaks down the requirements of ORS 124.050 et seq., and 419B.005 et seq.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Recognize the importance of mandatory reporting
  2. Understand a lawyer's duty to report abuse
  3. Identify "mandatory reporters" under Oregon law as well as what and how they must report
  4. Define "reasonable cause" and "abuse"
  5. Review how to properly report elder abuse
  6. Explain the penalty for false reporting and the failure to report

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