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Your Rights When You Write (Update)

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Created on February 06, 2020





Many people are writers, to one extent or another - but few are fortunate enough to be paid to do it. Writing (or "IP", or "content" as some like to call it) is at the root of much of entertainment these days. Writers write not only in a variety of genres but in a variety of media, which means that their rights may be exploited (and potentially infringed) in a variety of ways. Consequently, it's important for writers and their attorneys to have a solid understanding of their legal rights, in order to protect their content and themselves. 

In this updated program, Authors Guild General Counsel Cheryl Davis explains the basics of copyright law and how it impacts writers in books, theater, film, and television. Davis covers recent developments in case law and discusses the myriad of factors writers and their attorneys should keep in mind when both writing and licensing their work.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Gain an overview of how copyright law affects writers
  2. Discuss how writers' rights differ in:
    • Publishing
    • Theater
    • Film/TV
  3. Become familiar with recent court decisions affecting writers
  4. Explore some of the key concerns writers should consider when entering into agreements

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