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Your New Jersey Client's Heating Oil Tank Has Leaked - Now What?

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Produced on June 12, 2015

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Time 50m
Difficulty Intermediate
Topics covered in this course: Environmental

Course Description

Leaking heating oil tanks are a big problem in New Jersey and throughout the United States. Until a few years ago, homeowner insurance policies would pay for the cleanups, ranging from twenty thousand dollars to over 200 thousand dollars. However, these policies now often have pollution exclusion clauses. Additionally, in April 2011, the New Jersey DEP made public that its leaking tank grant program was out of funds, leaving New Jersey lawyers to wonder how they are going to help their homeowner clients. Join environmental law attorney Stuart Lieberman who provides you with the answers on how to best represent your clients whose oil tanks have leaked, including what claims are available and how to interpret the Spill Act. The presentation also discusses the initial interim measures you should take once the leak has occurred, and then addresses the pros and cons of the litigation process. Mr. Lieberman concludes with related issues such as neighboring tank leaks and personal injury claims. Make sure not to miss this course to get the best environmentally safe and financial results for your client.


Learning Objectives:

I.       Identify applicable NJ insurance law

II.      Summarize interim measures

III.     Summarize declaratory judgment cases

IV.     Discuss the statute of limitations

V.      Describe the Spill Act claims

VI.     Know relevant consumer fraud claims

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Stuart Lieberman

Lieberman, Blecher & Sinkevich

Mr. Lieberman is a founding member of the firm Lieberman & Blecher. He is a former Deputy Attorney General for the State of New Jersey who was assigned to the Environmental Protection Section. Mr. Lieberman was also a partner in a New Jersey law firm that was extensively engaged in the practice of environmental law.

Stuart J. Lieberman is a co-author of New Jersey Brownfields Practice, a book that describes legal aspects relating to the sale of contaminated properties in New Jersey. A frequent lecturer on environmental subjects and a weekly syndicated columnist, he has represented many municipalities, businesses and individuals in regulatory and land use matters as well as litigation in these areas. In addition, Mr. Lieberman has worked heavily in the area of regulatory takings and groundwater contamination.

Mr. Lieberman represents clients in environmental matters, defective product and fraudulent claims, land use and general litigation.

Mr. Lieberman is a member of the Mercer County Bar Association and the New Jersey State Bar Association, where he serves on the Board of Consultors for the Real Property Section. 

He has successfully litigated many cases in New Jersey state and federal courts, and has prevailed in two New Jersey Supreme Court cases. The most recent case, Raleigh Avenue Beach Association v. Atlantis Beach Club, was a landmark decision regarding beach access in the State of New Jersey.

In addition, Mr. Lieberman and Lieberman & Blecher, P.C. are counsel to the Passaic River Coalition, an organization committed to protecting valuable water resources in the State of New Jersey. Mr. Lieberman is also counsel to the Coalition for Health and Public Safety, a public charter composed of several municipalities in northern Bergen County who have organized to address public health and safety threats in the area. Most recently, Mr. Lieberman became a member of an ASTM International sub-committee and is lending his environmental legal experience to that organization as it develops a standard for qualification as an expert environmental forensic scientist in civil and criminal litigation.


Jason S.

Speaker is very good.

William S.

Good presentation. Very knowledgeable speaker

Robert R.

Engaging speaker

Jean P.

I thought this was an environmental law presentation rather than a residential homeowner matter, but the faculty was such a joy to listen to that I went ahead and completed the class. Super practical, funny, vivid and savvy.

Russell G.

A great presentation. This is an area of law that is unfortunately neglected.


EXCELLENT!!! Interesting, informative and downright enjoyable!!

David E. S.

Animated and highly competent speaker!

John W.

I went into this video fully expecting to be bored because of the subject matter. However, the instructor had an exciting demeanor and was clearly passionate about the topic. This was by far the best Lawline video I watched thus far.

Bryon M.

Loved his wit and on point comments- Kept the presentation interesting.

Mona P.

Excellent speaker, engaging and makes it easy to learn/understand

N. Noelle L.

None at this time.

Nina H.

As a lawyer who has encountered oil tank issues in real estate matters, I enjoyed Mr. Lieberman's style of presentation and his inside knowledge which will help me in the future.

Greg C.


John L.

Very clear and engaging presentation.

K. Jaak R.

Very informative. Very useful. Very clear. One of the best presentations I have seen.

Ali Q.

Very interesting and never knew this practice even existed.

Amy S.


Michele S.

This course was much more interesting than I had anticipated

benjamin a.

presenter is really great

Katherine F.

Great presentation.

Jeffrey S.

nice whimsical personality-a pleasure

Adrienne B.

Informative and Useful

Loren S.

Presentation provided practical knowledge of handling underground storage tank leaks.

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