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Workers' Compensation Liens for Negligence Attorneys in New York (Update)


Created on September 13, 2017




The Workers' Compensation Law, barring actions for negligence by employees against their employers, has been a part of the labor and employment law landscape since 1914. Many of the claims covered under this statute have related third party negligence actions. The workers' compensation carrier has a right to lien recovery for benefits paid as well as the right to take credit for future benefits.

In this update of "Workers' Compensation Liens for Negligence Attorneys," Bill Turley, a practitioner in the workers' compensation field for over 30 years, will present a practical approach to dealing with workers' compensation liens, combining a review of case law and statute with real life experiences. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explore Section 29 of the Workers' Compensation Law, which covers liens
  2. Examine the key Court of Appeals Decisions of Kelly vs. New York State Insurance Fund and Burns vs. Varriale, with case updates
  3. Identify basic concepts of consent to settlement, lien waiver and reduction and offsets
  4. Understand "global"/Section 32 Settlements

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