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Wireless Ethics and Confidentiality for Attorneys: How to Avoid Common Missteps

1h 7m

Created on May 14, 2020



Today, lawyers are now under an ethical duty to understand and utilize various technologies that aid in the representation of clients. With this duty comes challenges in the execution, from what to store and where, and how to access it from in and out of the office, to how to deal with inevitable missteps or errors. This program, presented by Christopher Farella of Epstein Becker & Green, P.C, will discuss each of these challenges, beginning with the ethical rules that are at play in the use of technology, considerations and risks attendant with that use, and best practices for maintaining the information. It will also explore inadvertent disclosures and how they should be handled, as well as the ethical considerations of social media. By incorporating these lessons, and recognizing the importance of proper use and safekeeping of information, lawyers will minimize client complaints and grievances, reduce the risk of court-ordered sanctions, and use the technology to best serve their clients' interests.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the ethical rules that touch upon or in some way intersect with technology

  2. Examine the risks associated with using technology and utilizing best practices

  3. Explore the many ways that information can be disclosed inadvertently and how attorneys should respond

  4. Discuss the use of social media and its impact on the practice of law

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