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Winning at Trial in California


Created on January 27, 2017




The 150 days preceding trial in California are the hot zone for any litigator. The Code of Civil Procedure (and other Codes) impose draconian measures and deadlines. If these measures and deadlines are missed, you may be prevented from proving your case up and the whole matter can crumble. The elite trial attorneys in California know the rules and how to use those rules to their advantage, and you cannot be successful at trial without doing the same.

Leading up to trial, you need to retain experts, serve statutory offers, draft supplemental discovery, and craft subpoenas for necessary witnesses. Without a plan and a clear understanding of the rules of the road, you will find yourself struggling to not only keep up with the deadlines, but also to prepare the necessary paperwork and pleadings.

This course, presented by Michael H. Raichelson, owner and operator of RaichelsonLaw, P.C., gives you a clear timetable for preparing documents and pleadings for trial, as well as provides you with invaluable written materials and sample pleadings necessary to win at trial. The written materials include expert demands, expert designations, supplemental discovery and more.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Know the deadlines for relevant trial documents and pleadings
  2. Understand the California Code of Civil Procedure and its interactions with other California Codes impacting trial
  3. Evaluate and prepare for expert designations and depositions
  4. Create a clear roadmap for winning at trial in California
  5. Gain the necessary tools for drafting pleadings and trial documents for trial 

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