Winning A Social Security Disability Claim: Legal Theories of Disability & Persuasive Arguments

Production Date: February 01, 2013 Practice Areas: Disability & Social Security Law and Public Interest Law Estimated Length: 3613 minutes


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New York disability lawyer Scott Daniels continues his series of lectures by covering the topic of Federal Social Security Disability. In this course, Daniels covers winning legal theories for a disability claim and effective techniques to advocate on behalf of your client. Mr. Daniels breaks down the Social Security's determination process and how you can utilize the law to successfully win your client's claim for disability benefits. The program also highlights strategies for attorneys to use inside the courtroom.

Learning Objectives:

I.   Grasp the SSA Determination process

II.  Understand SSA Medical Listings

III. Determine a client's ability to work

IV. Know Medical Vocational Guidelines

Cynthia Coulter M.
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This speaker was really engaged & engaging. Thought this would be a dry presentation, was pleasantly surprised.

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good speaker with lots of help for a newbie

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Excellent Summary and Presentation

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Great course. Specific materials and examples.

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Scott Daniels is a very effective speaker.

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Great presentation

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I very much enjoyed this presentation about something I had known very little previously

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Excellent speaker who made his points very clearly.

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Great tips and stratagies

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Scott was an excellent presenter!

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God, would like to see a more advanced program on this as well.

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I have to say, I really appreciated this course. I am dealing with similar issues with family members and this course did a great job of just breaking down the information.

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Amazing course! Learned everything!

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Interesting presentation of an obscure topic but important topic..

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Excellent overview of claim process.

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