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Wills in Virginia


Created on June 18, 2019




Estate planning is a complex and sensitive area of the law that is often times further complicated by family dynamics. Clients need to be guided in the process so they can make informed decisions and put together a plan that truly reflects their wishes and desires for when they are gone from this world. Often this means executing a will. Attorneys in this area of the law need to be diligent and competent.  

This segment will help attorneys navigate the process of putting together an effective and competent will as part of the client’s estate plan to accomplish the client’s goals and objectives. It will also help attorneys understand the basics of drafting a valid will in Virginia, the purpose behind executing a will and review drafting tips and tricks that will help both the client and fiduciary after death.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review the basics of drafting a valid Virginia will

  2. Understand the purpose behind executing a will in Virginia

  3. Discuss drafting tips and tricks to help your client’s will withstand a later challenge

  4. Learn drafting tips and tricks which will assist your fiduciary with the probate and qualification process after death

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