"Why Her & Not Me?”: How You Can Be the Attorney Reporters Call Without Losing Your License

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Produced on: May 23, 2016

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Time 61 minutes
Difficulty Intermediate

When you see another attorney with a practice similar to yours quoted in the business press or trade media, do you wonder why you were not asked for comment? Reporters call the people they know; they don't call an attorney they have never heard of. How might you introduce yourself to a reporter as a source on a specific area of the law? And when a reporter does call you, where do you draw the lines to ensure you stay within bounds, either as an experienced professional and third-party observer or when speaking about your own case?

In this course, Patricia Werschulz of Werschulz Patent Law and Janet Falk of Falk Communications and Research establish the requirements and ethical boundaries for speaking with the media. They also review sample documents that will help you connect with reporters at the business and trade press your clients and prospects read.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the ethical issues involved when you present yourself as a source to reporters
  2. Grasp the ethical boundaries of speaking to reporters about a case filed by your own firm
  3. Prepare brief biographical materials to introduce yourself to reporters as a credible source on legal and business issues
  4. Compose materials to announce the status of a case filed in court


Patricia Werschulz

Werschulz Patent Law, LLC

Pat Werschulz is an intellectual property lawyer and a registered patent attorney with many years of industrial experience in product development and manufacturing. Prior to entering law practice, Pat was a chemist in the pharmaceutical industry, holding positions from bench chemist to Research Director.

She chose intellectual property law, as a second career because of a long-held fascination with patents and trademarks. After spending decades in the pharmaceutical industry working with patents, either researching for submission in new patent applications or developing a non-infringing alternate to a competitor’s patent, she wanted to help others file their own applications.

Pat’s patent practice has not been limited to just life sciences, but also includes a wide range of industrial consumer products. She has helped clients obtain patents in a wide range of art, from clothing to automobile parts, from baby accessories to sporting equipment.

Ms. Werschulz received her B.S. degree in Chemistry from Chatham College of Pittsburgh, her M.B.A from Fordham University and her J.D from Rutgers School of Law–Newark. Ms. Werschulz has a history of academic excellence, receiving the ABA/BNA Award for Excellence in Intellectual Property Law at Rutgers, the Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence at Fordham, graduating with the highest G.P.A. in her class and the American Chemical Society Outstanding Senior Chemistry Major as an undergraduate.

Janet Falk

Falk Communications & Research

Janet Falk is a communications professional with more than 25 years experience in-house and at public relations agencies. Prior to launching Falk Communications and Research in 2009, she served as Media Relations Counsel for more than 350 attorneys in the Corporate & Securities, Private Equity, Financial Industry, Bankruptcy, Securities Litigation and New York Commercial Litigation practice groups at Reed Smith LLP. Janet arranged for these attorneys to speak on timely legal and business issues with reporters at The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Law Journal, CNBC and Time magazine, among other top-tier legal, business and trade media. These interviews led to quotes in front-page articles and other news stories, which generated new clients for the law firm, resulting in more than a million dollars in new business.

Earlier in her career, Janet worked in Public Relations and Marketing Communications for Wall Street firms, including Deutsche Bank, Smith Barney and Bear Stearns, in various market sectors (private equity, investment banking, equity research, fixed income and securities clearing). In addition to managing press relations, she composed articles, conference presentations and speeches for senior executives, as well as digital content. Janet has a Ph.D. in Spanish Literature and speaks Spanish and French.


Eric C.

I thought the presentation was fluid and excellent. Very good speakers.

Sandra K.

I have been contacted by the press and had to navigate without much guidance. This primer would have been helpful then! Good info!

Frank B.

Interesting information - I never thought about these issues before. I am glad that I spent the time

Eileen M.

This was a really good presentation even if most of us never talk to the press.

Rob R.

Good corse

Richard M.

well done and informative

Steve S.

Great course. Good, practical media advice and ethical guidance.

Joey J.


John M.

Good course

Dina D.

Both speakers were great!

Frederick H.

One of the best on-line cle presentations I've seen.

Kenneth R.

Good blend of lawyer and non-lawyer faculty expertise.

Micheal D.

Very god practical information on dealing with ads, media and ethics.

Joseph D.

Well presented. The speakers did not pad the presentation by excessive reading of text and quotes. Nicely blended the practical and legal considerations. The restrictions by some states over the use of descriptions such as "specializing" was something I did not know.

John H.


Cullen M.

Great advice on how to handle tricky situations in a way that can help your client and your legal career.

John H.

Informative video about an interesting topic.

William K.

Very timely course taught by knowledgeable faculty

Joseph F.

Interesting topic with a great panel

Edward S.

Great practical advice and making sure that we don’t step out of bounds inadvertently.

John H.

good seminar

John M.

It is an important issue. The take away is that there is not one right answer.

Joan F.

Interesting practical advice

Miriam W.

Excelllent & great delivery!

Leonard S.

interesting course how to become an expert was something new I do speak to local press as counsel of record, so it helped me.

Catherine E.

I thought this was going to be a very abstract, dry presentation but it was actually very well organized, planned and presented. I did learn some very useful things from this one.

Andrew K.

Another great presentation.

Joan L.

Excellent presentation. Really like the format of two presenters. Good materials. Substantive presentation.

Wiliam R.

Good teamwork displayed by the two well-versed attorney speakers.

connie m.

Exceeded expectations.

Christina V.


Daniel U.

This video gave me a lot of food for thought re: the relationship of ethics vs. publicity. Great class!

Edward M.

This program is fantastic; both presenters were prepared, spoke to issues that concerned me, and covered a broad range of applicable, useful and practical topics.

Frank O.

Interesting and effective presentation.

carol ann a.

Well done. Faculty interacted well, and were prepared with current, useful information.

Rachel M.

I enjoyed having a two person panel.

John C.

Very interesting.

Spencer W.

Excellent Program

Anthony W.

Many good insights.

Whitney A.

Interesting how this is partly about media and also attorney client relationship

amy l.


Gerard M.

two very good speakers gave a good presentation on a most interesting subject all attorneys should be aware of

Pamela C.


Alphonse D.

Good program

michael n.

Great presenter!

Andrew P.

Great information for all attorneys! Thank you!

Leonard M. K.

Very informative! Surpassed expectations and was useful, one-stop source on this topic.

Joy A.

great presentation

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