Where to Draw the Line

Production Date: February 27, 2016 Practice Areas: Ethics and Litigation Estimated Length: 4509 minutes


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As attorneys, we have an ethical obligation to zealously represent our clients. However, a fine line exists between acting as a zealous advocate and engaging in “Over-the-Line” litigation. In this program, attorney Robert N. Agre helps attorneys identify where “the line” is and what to do when one’s adversary is litigating from the other side of it. He provides effective strategies to combat overly aggressive litigators and explores the ethical limitations on "how far" an attorney can go in terms of providing her or his client with zealous representation.


Learning Objectives:

I.      Identify who is an “Over-the-Line” litigator

II.     Learn how to handle such litigators

III.    Recognize ethical implications for “Over-the-Line” conduct

IV.    Navigate candor to the tribunal v. zealous representation

This course originally appeared as a part of our February 2016 Bridge the Gap Event.

Katherine S.
Lombard, IL

on a scale of one to four, this course deserves a five.

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Alexandria, VA

Great presentation.

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Kildeer, IL

Superb presenter; an exceptional webinar.

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Knowledgeable speaker with practice tips that were from actual events. Helpful.

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Good presentation. Effective without being long winded.

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great presenter

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This was the best presentation and substance. Wow!!!

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Interesting program

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New York, NY

This speaker was phenomenal. The course content was fantastic and speaker made it incredibly interesting. Highly recommend.

Becky M.
Henderson, NC

excellent speaker. addressed serious issues and made US make our own choices. great!

David L.
Millburn, NJ

I liked that you included the question and answers segment at the end of the lecture.

Amy F.
Buffalo, NY

excellent speaker

Robert T.
Denton, TX

The presenter was excellent.

eric c.
Audubon, NJ

Mr. Agre was clear and concise and kept my attention throughout.

J. M.
Orem, UT

Excellent Presentation

Jonathan W.
Carrollton, TX

Thanks for reprinted audience questions on the screen at the end during QA

Kristine C.
Dubuque, IA

Good presentation. Walking to and frough a bit distracting.

Robert D.
Spokane, WA

Fantastic presenter! Turn him loose on anything he can do regarding other classes.

Chris R.
Las Vegas, NV

This seminar is must viewing for any litigator and should be included in any Bridge the Gap or Transition to Practice program.

Alexandria M.
Glen Cove, NY

There really were no definite answers on where the line is. It seems we just practice in the grey area and explain to ethics board why we did it to benefit our client.

catherine m.
Kettle Falls, WA


James V.
Bronx, NY

very good

Josh N.
Boca Raton, FL

Well presented, interesting

Chris K.
Houston, TX

One of the best presentations I have listened to. His personal examples used to illustrate his points were terrific, and lead to analyses and recommendations that you might not ordinarily expect but were extremely valuable and, well, the best for promoting justice. Fascinating.

Daniel B.
Lookout Mountain, TN

Very important subject matter in an ever decreasingly professional environment. Did not overload you with information, and the examples were relevant and backed up with case law. This was an enjoyable and well thought out course.

Martin W.
Tinley Park, IL

Interesting examples - well done.

Laurie B.
Seattle, WA

Very interesting.

carol b.
Houston, TX

Very accomplished speaker who knows what he is talking about.

Robert G.
Inola, OK

I appreciated that the cases discussed were actual cases. Very helpful.

Sarah L.
Salt Lake City, UT

I'm not a litigator but I have dealt with some difficult attorneys - I found the information useful.

S.A. M.
Atlanta, GA

Clarifying and helpful

Amy H.
McLean, VA

This was the best CLE course I have watched. I wish every course could be this interesting and informative.

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Good presentation

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very interesting

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A very well-presented course.

James L.


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Excellent instruction

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Very useful tips on dealing with difficult situations.

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enjoyable and interesting

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This was a great presentation. Helpful and so interesting!!

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I enjoy this speaker's style and his use of real world stories. This was a thought provoking lecture. I will be looking to take more courses from this speaker. Great job.

Jay S.
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good course

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Rochester, NY


Kevin X.
Rowland Heights, CA

excellent presentation. thank you.

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Very Interesting subject matter.

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Mr. Agre is very good

Steve S.
Chicago, IL

Agre is fantastic!

Kelton P.
American Fork, UT

Most excellent

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Greenwich, CT

Excellent course

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excellent presenter

April P.
Sayville, NY

This program geared towards litigators, but interesting none-the-less.

Daire I.
Buffalo, NY

Basic but interesting

Sandra S.
Buffalo Grove, IL

Useful information, great presentation!

Robert E. S.

Very nice, clear and well-articulated presentation..

Nicholas F.

Excellent speaker with common sense and great real world examples. A fine job.

Daniel S.
Spring, TX


Dominick D.

One of the best ethics classes I have heard - nice mixture of real case scenarios and the ethics rules.

Stephen N.
Brooklyn, NY

he was excellent

michael a.
Hartford, CT

Nice presentation. Thank you.

Jonathan W.
New York, NY

One of the best Law Line lectures.

Paula P.
Pelham, NY

enjoyed presentation

Henderson, NV

Great course! The issues were very well presented.

Robert G.
Chesapeake, VA

Very clear and concise.

Russ C.
Staten Island, NY

Dealing with the "Rambo" lawyer that we are all faced with at some point in our careers. Well said.

Mitchell D.
Sea Cliff, NY

Very practical and useful seminar.

Stephen M.
Tyler, TX

Very engaging, frank grappling with difficult ethical questions.

Zvi S.
San Diego, CA


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woodbury, NY

This was a well planned out and interesting lecture which covered some tricky topics in this area of the law. Thanks for such a great presentation.

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Orange, CT

Good presentation

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New York, NY

Best instructor to date.

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Mokena, IL

The portion of practice tips on how to deal with the "Rambo Lawyer Opponent" was the highlight of the presentation.

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New York, NY

excellent presentation

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Manhattan Beach, CA

He is very good!

Susan Z.
Pearland, TX

Possibly the best ethics course I've ever watched

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Santa Barbara, CA

Entertaining and informative!

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Very knowledgeable

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LIberrtyville, IL

Great Course

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good topic

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Justice, IL

An area that is very thought provoking

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New York, NY

Well-done lecture.

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Houston, TX

Very good material and presentation.

Derek F.
Jersey City, NJ

This instructor was awesome -- incredibly engaging, and his use of actual case-law examples was perfect. Other instructors should use him as a tutorial.

Laurie L.
Montclair, NJ

Very listenable; compelling instructor with interesting and instructive case studies.

randal m.
Dallas, TX


Steven L.
Cypress, TX

Terrific Discussion of a very difficult area of practice.

Karen B.
Orangevale, CA

An excellent presentation and helpful candor. Thank you.

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Mansfield, OH

I liked this speaker - he knew his stuff and presented the material well

Carlos A.
Sacramento, CA

Very well presented and an engaging speaker.

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nesconset, NY

Excellent course. Fabulous speaker. Engaging and knowledgable. Content very interesting

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Great instructor.

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Cerritos, CA

Great Lecture.

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Squaw Valley, CA


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columbus, NJ

best one i have seen yet.

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Extremely clear and well done.

Vincent C.
Portland, OR

Well done

Amy F.
Lockport, NY

excellent way of wrapping material into stories

Margaret H.
Spring Valley, NY

I wish I had heard this before first trial!

Todd P.
Berkeley Heights, NJ

Good delivery by Mr. Agre.

Mollie K.
Houston, TX

This was very interesting - dealing with a Rambo lawyer.

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New York, NY

Excellent examples of real cases

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Niagara Falls, NY

Attorney Agre is a very compelling speaker.

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Wilton, CT

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Lake Zurich, IL

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New York, NY

He did a great presentation leaving the audience to grapple with some tough answers! Thanks!

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Teaneck, NJ

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Salt Lake City, UT

I'm not a criminal attorney, but very interesting subject matter.

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good discussion and suggestions to some tough situations

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manasquan, NJ

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Speaker is clear, precise and plain-speaking, making content easy to understand

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very good, effective delivery, presentation, command of subject

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Very practical

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Good integration of examples while highlighting effective strategies that combat aggressive "Rambo-like" litigators accompanied by a thorough exploration of ethical limitations on where to draw the line when providing zealous advocacy for a client.

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Venice, CA

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Patricia L.
Boonton, NJ


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Forest Hills, NY

Lecturer made the subject interesting with vivid examples, such as the seasoned defense attorney who was being mimicked in front of the jury by a young inexperienced but very aggressive prosecutor. Those kinds of examples make the lessons memorable.

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Loved this guy. Practical advice based on real cases and actual experiences are very educational.

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Ethical scenarios considered that I had not experienced. Rambo lawyer narrative parallels a colleague's experience -- very helpful and practical!!!

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explains well

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This is the real deal on how to deal with clients and the ethics behind it. Understanding these concepts is the foundation to becoming a defense attorney worth his salt.

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addresses numerous issues of ethics encountered in practice

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