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When Worlds Collide: Emerging Trends in Media and Intellectual Property Litigation

1h 30m

Created on June 25, 2018




This program, presented by Toby Butterfield of Moses & Singer LLP will discuss emerging trends in media litigation, with a particular focus on intellectual property disputes. The course will examine recent trends in litigation, with a close look at cases involving the media industry. Topics to be covered include "disguised IP" cases (Pai v. Blue Man Group), First Sale Doctrine (Disney v. Redbox), Fair Use (Fox News v. TV Eyes), and more. The program will also identify ways to adapt to recent developments, including strategies to advise your clients in this new environment. Finally, the program will also explore anticipated changes in the industry.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify emerging trends in media and intellectual property litigation
  2. Adapt to new legal developments in media and IP law
  3. Develop strategies to advise clients in light of recent developments

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