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When Bad Biases Happen to Good People: A Primer on Recognizing and Interrupting Implicit Biases


Created on March 12, 2018




Implicit biases are subconscious beliefs (including attitudes and stereotypes) that affect people's understanding, actions and decisions. Implicit biases may be positive or negative. This course takes a look at the way that our implicit biases impact the way we interact with each other and how biases have caused good people to justify or perpetuate injustices in our legal system and in society. It also provides tools for interrupting bias in ourselves and others, and in our legal workplaces.

This course, presented by attorney Mirna Santiago, is practical, innovative and demonstrative, which makes it effective for either the Diversity and Inclusion novice or expert.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Define Implicit Bias and the systems it arises from
  2. Demonstrate how one obtains/absorbs implicit biases
  3. Discuss why recognizing and interrupting implicit bias is important
  4. Obtain guidance on recognizing implicit bias in yourself and others
  5. Develop practical and effective ways to interrupt bias when you see it

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