When Bad Biases Happen to Good People: A Primer on Recognizing and Interrupting Implicit Biases

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Produced on: March 12, 2018

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Time 61 minutes
Difficulty Intermediate

Implicit biases are subconscious beliefs (including attitudes and stereotypes) that affect people’s understanding, actions and decisions. Implicit biases may be positive or negative. This course takes a look at the way that our implicit biases impact the way we interact with each other and how biases have caused good people to justify or perpetuate injustices in our legal system and in society. It also provides tools for interrupting bias in ourselves and others, and in our legal workplaces.

This course, presented by attorney Mirna Santiago, is practical, innovative and demonstrative, which makes it effective for either the Diversity and Inclusion novice or expert.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Define Implicit Bias and the systems it arises from
  2. Demonstrate how one obtains/absorbs implicit biases
  3. Discuss why recognizing and interrupting implicit bias is important
  4. Obtain guidance on recognizing implicit bias in yourself and others
  5. Develop practical and effective ways to interrupt bias when you see it


Mirna Martinez Santiago

Acacia Network

MIRNA MARTINEZ SANTIAGO is Deputy Counsel at one of the largest Latino not-for-profit organizations in the United States.  Mirna has over 20 years of legal experience, handling a range of matters from torts to professional liability to insurance coverage to regulatory affairs.    

She also founded the Rising Phoenix Center for Law & Politics (RisingPhoenixCenter.org) to introduce underprivileged and underrepresented middle and high school children to the law. 

Mirna lectures on an array of topics – with a focus on diversity, inclusion and the elimination of bias – and has published on legal, as well as non-legal subjects.

Mirna has been featured in Latina Magazine and on NBC News speaking about the Afro-Latina experience. 


sharon s.

This was a very interesting course and I really liked the presenter. I thought she did a great job and had great anecdotal information and real statistics to support her material. Well done!

Wilbert C.

Outstandingly done

Kenneth P.

This was an effective and outstanding program!

Toshi Y.

I appreciate her passion against the bais and practical advice on how to interrupt the bias.

Andrea P.

dynamic speaker

Steven R.

This course was surprisingly good and interesting

Mikhail U.

Very Interesting

Jared G.

This course is interesting and thought provoking and political and social, rather than enhancing of my legal knowledge. It reminded me to be courteous and polite to people.

M. Justin R.

Excellent class

Marian B.


Tanner L.

Excellent course

William M.


Teisha H.

Excellent presentation. I think everyone should watch it.

William J.

Excellent presentation.

Penni C.

Much new and good information. Thanks.

Folasade A.

Great presenter! Used real life examples to put her points across. Came out really well. Highly recommended!

Catherine E.

Very well organized and presented.

Joshua H.

Very thoughtful presentation.

Gary W.

Well, I was so impressed. Analytical method of insuring I am not biased. I learned so much about the rationales for the things I feel and support. Just a very direct, honest CLE. Loved it..

Erick D.

Best Ethics CLE program I have ever done!

Leitha O.

By far, one of the best presentations I have seen.

Mario M.

This is an amazing CLE course!!! Awesome!!!

Carl L.

An excellent program

elizabeth c.

Ms. Santiago was awesome. Best, most inspiring CLE I've attended for years. Loved it.

Pauletta C.

Excellent presentation on eliminating bias. Good examples, good strategies for overcoming and eliminating biases. Presenttor was excellent.

Monique G.

Wow! This was the most transparent, blatant, thought-provoking and honest training on diversity I have ever heard. This specific course and facilitator should be mandatory for everyone in the legal profession!

Napha T.

Great presentation!

Paul C.

Nicely done. There is a line from Joni Mitchell's Amelia that I like: "People will tell you where they've been, They'll tell you where to go: But, until you get there yourself, You'll never really know." Ms. Santiago has a good way of challenging people's thinking without getting one's defenses up.

Stephanie M.

Wonderful, powerful presenter

Robin R.

I could listen to this speaker talk about painting dry. she was amazing!

Tiffany M.

Spectacular presentation! Ms. Martinez Santiago deftly addressed this minefield of a topic with grace, confidence, and perhaps most importantly, humility. I only wish everyone had the ability to hear what she has to say.

David M.

Awesome CLE. Disappointed at the number of attendees

Sonia G.

Phenomenal speaker and topic. You should offer more along these issues.

Karin I.

Very well done.

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