What's the "Write" Way? Wage and Hour Class Actions and Drafting a Class Arbitration Waiver

Production Date: March 27, 2014 Practice Areas: Alternative Dispute Resolution, Business, Corporate, & Securities Law, Labor & Employment Law, and Class Actions Estimated Length: 4580 minutes


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This course, presented by Baker Hostetler partners Amy Traub and John Lewis, explores the recent trends and emerging issues in class and collective actions in the wage and hour arena, including the hot button issues of which employers should be aware on the horizon. They discuss the Federal Arbitration Act and its elemental principles, as well as key Supreme Court and federal appellate precedent regarding class arbitration, enforcing arbitration agreements and class action waivers, establishing the scope of and assent to arbitration agreements, unconscionability, confidentiality issues, waiving the right to arbitrate and arbitration costs and fees.


Learning Objectives:


I.   Explain emerging issues in the wage and hour arena that can lead to class, collective and representative actions against employers

II.  Recognize the basic legal underpinnings of arbitration agreements and class action waivers

III. Understand key federal and state law considerations in drafting effective and enforceable arbitration agreements


Diana K.
Oceanside, NY

Both presenters were knowledgeable and kept my attention.

Albert D.
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Another excellent program.

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Well done presentation.

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very knowledgable

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Very effective program and speakers.

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Fantastic program! Lots of great information.

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Very applicable to an area of law that my firm is moving into.

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Surprisingly interested

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Very good program, covering multiple important areas in employment law.

Stefanie K.
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This one was really good!

Jeffrey B.
Chicago, IL

Really excellent information for the bar, on both sides. Too bad that Plaintiffs won't be able to bring these (consumer, employment, etc.) cases at all fairly soon (and Defense counsel won't be needed).