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What You Need to Know about the Supreme Court's Recent Election Law Decisions – How Moore v. Harper, Brnovich, Cruz. v. FEC and the Covid Election Cases Impact Elections


Created on September 26, 2023





With continued public scrutiny of the election and campaign finance process, and the heightened interest in these matters from the public, more attorneys are being approached to advise governments, non profits, public officials, candidates and prospective candidates. This program, presented by Jason Torchinsky and Phil Gordon, will discuss how recent decisions from the Supreme Court impacting election law will impact how you advise public officials, government, candidates and prospective candidates in dealing with matters impacting campaign finance, voting and elections.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify common issues in election cases 

  2. Review how to approach campaign finance questions

  3. Discuss the Supreme Court's role, and the role of state courts, in election cases

  4. Gain a general understanding of how to approach an election matter

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