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What You Need to Know About Advising Startup Companies from Foundation to Exit

1h 3m

Created on April 09, 2020




This course, presented by experienced practitioner Gary Ross, will cover the important issues corporate attorneys should have on their radar when representing emerging companies (i.e. startups). The program will cover how to advise entrepreneurs with respect to choosing the right legal entity, documenting relationships between founders, and advising on employment law issues, startup fundraising, and successful and unsuccessful exits. Lastly, the session will discuss how to navigate common ethical issues that arise when representing startups.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Determine what to look for in order to identify the correct corporate entity for a company 

  2. Gain a basic understanding of how to navigate the required foundational documents and other documents important to early-stage companies 

  3. Examine the different types of employment law issues relevant to emerging companies   

  4. Identify how securities laws impact companies selling ownership interests 

  5. Discuss the strategies that may better a startup's chances for a successful exit

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