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What Wilma Flintstone Needs to Know Before She Tells Fred She Wants a Divorce: Pre-Divorce Strategic Planning in New York

1h 15m

Created on January 17, 2017



In this program, Wendy Samuelson discusses legal and financial strategic planning before filing for divorce. Using an overarching hypothetical based on 'The Flintstones,' she touches on topics such as financial discovery through private investigation and data forensics, preparing for the automatic temporary restraining order that takes effect upon the commencement of the divorce action, estate planning prior to divorce, and the difference between using a mediator or a divorce attorney.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Understand what happens at the initial consultation with a matrimonial attorney
  2. Understand the process of conducting discovery in a divorce action, and what happens to a client's finances upon filing
  3. Learn best practices for advising your clients when they tell you that they are thinking about a divorce

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