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What To Do When ICE Comes Knocking: The Rise in Worksite Raids and I-9 Audits

1h 1m

Created on October 01, 2019



Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) audits and worksite raids have reached a record high across the country as the Trump Administration continues to make this a key priority of its immigration policy. The agency has expanded its focus beyond undocumented workers, and onto those who employ them. Employers in the construction, critical infrastructure, food processing (especially meatpacking), manufacturing, hospitality, and staffing industries are especially vulnerable. Additionally, sanctuary cities and sanctuary locations, federal contractors, and those organizations using e-verify are at high risk for being audited. This program, taught by Amy Peck of Jackson Lewis P.C., will discuss best practices in preparing for and responding to interactions with ICE to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss recent immigration enforcement actions
  2. Apply best practices when ICE conducts a worksite raid or audit
  3. Maintain compliance and prepare clients for future enforcement actions

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