What States Are Doing to Combat Federal Inaction and the #MeToo Movement

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Produced on: September 28, 2018

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2018 has been a year of change for employers and employees. Facing federal legislative inaction, states have enacted new laws that directly impact employers and employees, including mandatory paid sick leave, non-disclosure and arbitration agreement prohibitions, and equal pay requirements. These laws directly impact employer policies and practices and potentially expose employers to increased monetary liability. Understanding what the new state laws require is crucial for compliance and mitigating risk.

Using legislation, real life examples and court cases, Dena B. Calo, Esq. the Vice Chair of Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr’s Labor and Employment Practice, walks the audience through the newest issues facing companies trying to remain legally compliant with employment laws around the country. The #MeToo movement has sparked a whirlwind of legislation that is focused, not only on harassment, but also on equal pay, arbitration and non-disclosure prohibitions. This challenges companies in how they manage and resolve discrimination and harassment issues. In addition, states are taking this further with sick leave requirements which significantly impact on employee rights. This session will make these difficult laws more understandable allowing companies to focus on implementation and risk management.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Consider how #MeToo impacts a company’s defense in harassment cases
  2. Discuss how equal pay laws might be affected by #MeToo
  3. Examine how arbitration agreements may be impacted by state laws
  4. Explore whether companies can continue to utilize non-disclosure agreements in harassment and discrimination cases
  5. Review how mandatory paid sick leave affects companies, especially those that already use PTO policies
  6. Ensure employer policies and handbooks are up to date to reflect recent changes


Dena Calo

Saul Ewing LLP

Dena Calo is a seasoned HR strategist and employment lawyer who operates out of our Philadelphia, PA and Princeton, NJ offices. She counsels management clients on human resource practices and employment law at a time when employers’ labor and employment policies and procedures face increasing scrutiny.  As part of her practice, Dena assists clients in preparing and reviewing employee handbooks, and helps them establish and audit their HR practices and procedures. She also conducts on-site investigations and trains organizations on best HR practices and programs.

Prior to joining Saul Ewing, Dena was director of the Human Resources Practice Group at a regional New Jersey law firm.

In addition, Dena has litigated cases to state and federal juries throughout the United States involving Title VII, ERISA, Age Discrimination in Employment Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, Family Medical Leave Act, and the Fair Labor Standards Act, state and federal constitutional issues, defamation, restrictive covenants and contract disputes.


Christopher T.

Interesting, thoughtful presentation

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Interesting and timely.

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Very informative.

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This was a good, informative and timely webinar.

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Interesting and timely - I didn't expect to be as interested in these issues as I was, perhaps it's the changing landscape that made this such an interesting presentation.

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Classes are always great.

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Very well organized and easy to listen to.

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Well done!

David W.

Interesting, and highly topical given recent events

Lisa M.

So relevant with the me too movement and confirmation hearings - this is what I love about Lawline!

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Very timely. I have good stuff to use for discussion at dinner! Thanks

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Timely topic

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Very timely and sensitive topic. Well done

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