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What Every Lawyer Should Know About DUI Defense in Florida (Audio Only)


Created on July 23, 2018



This program is a comprehensive lecture by noted DUI expert, attorney Robert S. Reiff, the author of "Drunk Driving and Related Vehicular Offenses (Lexis Law Publishing Company) and LexisNexis' "Florida DUI Practice Guide."  

In this program, Mr. Reiff provides both the new and the experienced DUI attorney tips on how to win a DUI case. He will provide an overview of DUI case defense in both the administrative (driver's license) and criminal court forums for the state of Florida, as well as tools for using common sense concepts to make the case to all relevant parties.  

Learning Objectives:

  1. Handle a DUI case (including an overview of the basics of what "DUI" is)
  2. How to attack the various aspects of the case against your client
  3. Use common sense concepts to convince prosecutors, hearing officers, judges and juries as to why the police's case does not prove guilt
  4. Identify the ethical considerations of handling DUI cases
  5. Discuss on-point coverage of DUI law with practical, "how to" insights

Please Note: While the lecture itself is Audio Only, the course materials include videos that will be aired at points during this program. These videos may be heard over audio as well.

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