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What Every Lawyer Needs to Know About Substance Abuse

1h 2m

Created on September 12, 2014


Chronic stress, substance abuse, and depression are common career pitfalls for attorneys.  These can lead to burnout and malpractice, damaging an attorney's health and career. 


In this engaging and practical session, you'll learn:

  • Why the characteristics that make you a great lawyer also make you susceptible to substance abuse and emotional stress. 
  • How the culture of the profession inadvertently contributes to the high risk of substance abuse and depression.
  • A clear strategy to keep you performing at a high level over time, while expertly handling the challenges of legal practice. 
  • The one question you can ask that will make you more skillful at handling stress every day. 


Learning Objectives:

I.   Learn the rules regarding attorney competence. 

  • ABA Model Rules
  • CA Rule 3-110

II.  Grasp the cost of chronic stress and substance abuse. 

  • Cost of disciplinary action
  • Case studies

III.  Understand the factors that contribute to high rates of attorney substance abuse.

  • Characteristics of successful attorneys
  • Cultural norms within the profession 

IV.  Employ strategies and tools to help protect you every day.

  • Case studies
  • Resources


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