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What Comes Next: Predictions for Business Immigration Under the New Administration


Created on February 15, 2017



President Trump has promised major, wide-ranging changes to U.S. immigration policy. In particular, he has stated that his immigration plan will focus on increased enforcement and protecting U.S. workers. Several key initiatives include securing the southern border of the United States, adopting extreme vetting of certain nationals, re-negotiating or revoking the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and increasing immigration audits and employment verification compliance. These directives may impact numerous employment based visa categories, as well as timing and travel requirements for foreign workers. Employers who hire foreign talent will need to adapt quickly in order to remain compliant and meet business objectives.  

This course, presented by Julie Muniz and Ethan Kaufman, Partners at Fragomen, will review what the new Administration's changes might look like, and how they may affect employers with foreign talent in their U.S. workforce.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand which immigration policy changes may be on the horizon
  2. Determine how quickly these changes could take place
  3. Understand how a new wave of government audits and investigations could impact your company
  4. Determine ways to avoid immigration related exposure in unexpected areas, like vendor management policies

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