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What Comes Next: Immigration Law and the New Administration

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Produced on February 02, 2017

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Time 1h 2m
Difficulty Advanced
Topics covered in this course: Immigration Public Interest

Course Description

Following the presidential election of 2016, noncitizens face high levels of uncertainty regarding their ability to enter and remain in the U.S. Likewise, attorneys must understand this new landscape in developing legal strategies for clients seeking to live, work, study, or conduct other activities in the U.S. Policy makers at the state and local levels must also contend with complex and politically fraught issues affecting their constituents, while determining how they will interact with a new federal administration that may have different objectives.  

Noncitizens and their attorneys, advocates and representatives face difficult questions in this new landscape. What changes to existing programs, such as DACA, might take place? What are some ways that the enforcement may change? How might the administration change the ways that screenings take place at the border? Who are “criminal aliens”, what are “sanctuary cities”, and what powers does the administration have to force cities to comply with its policies? How do we explain these potential changes to our clients and advise them accordingly?  

This course, led by attorney Matthew Blaisdell, seeks to enable attorneys to provide strong counsel in this new, challenging environment.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Review the existing policies for border protection and interior enforcement

  2. Explore ways that these regimes may change under a new administration

  3. Understand the changing risks facing noncitizens in the U.S.

  4. Identify strategies for advising their clients given these changes.

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Matthew Blaisdell

Matthew Blaisdell, Esq.

Matthew Blaisdell is an attorney in Brooklyn, New York, with a full concentration in immigration law. He is the former Chair of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) National Consumer Protection and Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee and currently serves on its Ethics Committee. He frequently writes and presents on these topics, and he has provided testimony to several cities considering legislation to protect immigrant consumers.

He also regularly provides trainings and lectures on topics related to practice management, prosecutorial discretion and advocating before various government agencies, immigration legislation and policies, constitutional issues, immigration options for youth and unaccompanied minors, LGBTQ immigration issues, immigration consequences of criminal activity, humanitarian forms of relief, and employment-based visas.

He received his juris doctor, as well as an LL.M in environmental law, from Pace Law School, and is a graduate of the New York City Environmental Law Leadership Institute (NYCELLI).


Laura V.

Very good overview of executive powers, immigration lawmaking and current/prospective immigration landscape

erick w.


Alissa B.

Great presenter. Well organized and comprehensive written materials. Very informative for a lawyer who doesn’t practice in this area.

William S.

Clear overview of key immigration law issues in rapidly changing area

Leslie S.

This is information that I did not realize was so important thank you.

MaryAnne C.

Good overview

Joe P.

thank you

Dana R.

Matthew Blaisdell's presentation was, as always, interesting and informative.

Mohammed Z.

very informative

Barry R.

It was interesting to hear the perspective of a knowledgeable practitioner on these issues.

Paula .

good content; less acronyms, or a key helpful

Teddy M.

Good job with this CLE.

Jay G.

Another excellent presentation by this speaker. In fact , I choose it because of the previous presentation of his. Informative and current.

Patrick O.

Very well done!

Kenneth G.

Interesting and timely presentation

Jeanne S.

excellent organization and presentation by the speaker.

Sonia B.

Very interesting in light of the current happenings concerning immigration.

Julie A. B.

Well done! The experience of the lecturer, Matthew Blaisdell, is obvious. This excellent course delivers clarity for a complex and specialized area of law presently confronting uncertainty under the new presidential administration where non-citizens are unsure of their ability to enter and remain in the U.S. Blaisdell is an archeologist and explorer of all things immigration. His legal perspective guides one through the present immigration landscape and tours its likely future.

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