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Weed Wars on the Horizon: Recent Patent Litigation in the Cannabis Industry

1h 3m

Created on October 12, 2021




The patent law landscape continues to develop, with new decisions issuing regularly from the Federal Circuit and the Supreme Court. Simultaneously, the cannabis industry is growing exponentially as the trend towards legalization spreads across the country and federal legislation forecasts a nationwide end of cannabis prohibition in the not-so-distant future. 

With rapid industry, growth comes innovation, as well as increased patent litigation activity. This program will discuss patent litigation principles, recent developments, and trends with a particular focus on what the cannabis industry IP stakeholders and investors should expect in the near future.

This program will benefit practitioners interested in patent litigation and cannabis industry trends, as well as cannabis business leaders and investors. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss how patent litigation impacts a growing industry

  2. Review recent legislation and key judicial decisions from the Federal Circuit and the Supreme Court impacting patent litigation, with a particular focus on the cannabis industry

  3. Identify trends in patents issuing from the USPTO that may impact the cannabis industry if enforced

  4. Analyze patent cases brought by or against cannabis companies to date

  5. Assess how the predicted increase in patent litigation activity is expected to impact cannabis IP stakeholders and investors

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