Video Game Law: Innovative Law for an Innovative Industry

Production Date: December 10, 2015 Practice Areas: Business, Corporate, & Securities Law and Science & Technology Law Estimated Length: 3645 minutes


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The video game industry has exploded in the past few years, making more money than music, movies, and television combined. Games are played competitively throughout the world, and the top players earn more than some NFL quarterbacks.


How does a rapidly growing and innovative industry evolve surrounded by archaic laws written for newspapers? How do the rules change when every product is available worldwide and most companies operate across borders?


Learning Objectives:

I.     Grasp basic intellectual property law

II.    Understand how these laws change when used within the gaming/tech industry

III.   Look at real usage of trademarks within the gaming/tech industry

IV.   Understand major headaches that appear in contracts between game studios and contractors

V.    Examine the various perspectives of contractors, developers, and publishers

Wayne K.
Barrington, IL

great course!

Nadia G.
Las Vegas, NV

Loved the presenter's enthusiasm. He definitely has a passion for gaming.

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Butler, PA

Interesting info on a topic that I was unfamiliar with.

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Excellent and knowledgeable instructor, and good public speaker.

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I liked this guy! Great practical advice.

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Good program. A lot of information.

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excellent dynamic presentation with a great industry knowledge. many thanks!

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Really Useful! Very knowledgeable! Well organized

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This is a good presentation.

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Interesting information on emerging area.

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Washington, DC

Very interesting and a great overview of the areas involved. Highly recommend.

Charilyn C.
McLean, VA

Excellent presentation!

Rebecca S.
Lakewood, CO

A very good presentation on a new area of law. Thanks for opening up this world to some of us who mostly know about it from talking to our kids.

Courtney M.
Burke, VA

Very unique and interesting class

Jordana K.
Midlothian, VA

Very interesting! Really enjoyed this one.

Malcolm D.
Humble, TX

My son in law school is very interested in this. I will share it with him.

Richard S.
Happy Valley, HK

Excellent. Substantive and practical.

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Excellent and extremely eyeopening program.

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Boulder, CO

Ryan Morrison was great!

Marc P.
Longmont, CO

Interesting. Great to see an attorney practicing in a passion

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Flower Mound, TX

Good substantive information with a great presentation. This CLE course was informative and refreshing. Thank you Ryan and please do more.

Catherine H.
Fort Worth, TX

thanks - really informative & good luck!

Kelvin Z.
New York, NY

Slides are excellent.

Peter M.
Cromwell, CT

Fantastic course!

Tom G.
Montgomery, TX

Interesting area that is evolving quickly. I have a 12 year old son who fits into much of what was discussed. Will be fascinating to see how this area of the law develops.

Steven H.
Dallas, TX


eric J.
Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

Best class yet.

Bethanne H.
Manhattan, NY

This was great, a really good introduction to video game law. Morrison was excellent.

Linda V.
Columbus, GA

Great info on some issues for gaming law and examples for representing different clients! Thanks

Christopher P.
Chicago, IL

Very interesting topic since I'm an avid video game player.

Daniel H.
Bedford, NY

Eye opener for me, not a gamer or someone working in this area. Excellent program.

William L.
Seattle, WA

That was fantastic!

James B.
New York, NY

Excellent speaker. Enjoyed the presentation. Conveyed the information in a very understandable and relatable way.

Peter B.
Brooklyn, NY

One of my favorites! Great

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Phoenix, AZ

Excellent presenter. Very detailed knowledge of subject material.

willard b.
Houston, TX

A very practical MCLE course.

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Probably the most interesting CLE I have ever watched!

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Great coverage of a unique topic.

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loved the eSports section.

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Great insights into a really important new IP industry.

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interesting topic and good speaker

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This was probably the best of the many lawline courses I've taken. Maybe because I knew so little about the material that it was fascinating, but even so...

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Excellent. I would watch other CLEs on this topic and from this lawyer related to other areas of expertise.

Patrick O.
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It was a complete new area of law, as I imagine it is for 99% of current lawyers. It was exciting to hear his presentation and learn from it.

Jodie S.
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This was an extremely interesting program.

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Very good speaker, good enthusiasm for his career

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Fabulous course!

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It was very informative.

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Steven S.
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Super modern and interesting subject matter. Maybe one day I'll get to implement it.

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Excellent. And fascinating.

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Awesome! So good.

Nicholas F.

This guy is really human! Fun to listen to.

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jon s.
Brownsville, TX

Informative. Thanks.

james c.
Jersey City, NJ

Good job on a topic that is coming of age.

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Atlanta, GA

One of your best presenters

Jennifer R.
Chappaqua, NY

Loved this! Very very informative.

William K.

very, very, very good This attorney is great

Josh G.
Washington, DC

One of the more knowledgeable presenters I have ever seen. You can tell he works in the trenches with clients.

Robert N.
Frisco, TX

That was a great overview of this area. I would love to see a dedicated eSports CLE.

Stephen M.
Tyler, TX

Very interesting, and an engaging speaker. I recommend it!

Valerie F.
Boerne, TX


James D.
Alexandria, VA

awesome course!!

Erik K.
Houston, TX

As an IP attorney, I knew most of this. But the part at the end about e-sports really got me. He saves the best for last. Great topic. Enjoy!!!

Charles B.
Greenville, NC

This was very interesting. Great presentation!

Linda R.
Winter Springs, FL

Excellent speaker

Eric C.
New York, NY

Will recommend to friend in industry.

Monica W.
Atlanta, GA

Fascinating subject, great scope of informatio and excellent presentation. I will look for more CLEs and other publications by Ryan Morrison

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A bit of humor always helps with these presentations

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Excellent course.

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excellent inside gaming perspective. thank you

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Great information on a subject that changes almost daily! Great class!

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Very impressed! Excellent quality.

Frank R.
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Very good! Very informed & informative! Happy New Year, Atty. Morrison!

William C.
Philadelphia, PA

My first LawLine CLE video. Even my 10 year old son put down his controller when the subject of paid professional gamers was discussed.

Phillip P.
Bedminster Township, NJ

I wish I could give higher than a 4 - possibly the most engaging presentation I've seen here.

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Cortlandt Manor, NY

Excellent presentation.

Karl R.
Corpus Christi, TX

Very interesting program

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Squaw Valley, CA

Expert speaker

Las Vegas, NV

This was very good. Would like to see a 3 or 4 hour version of this subject matter so more details could be discussed.

Nayan P.
Stoneham, MA

Presenter was knowledgeable and very entertaining.

Tamara M.
Casanova, VA

Excellent program! I'd love to see some follow-up with more in-depth discussion of individual IP issues re: video games.

Carissa H.
Pittsburgh, PA

IP primer was great

Pamela B.
Fallbrook, CA


Timothy C.
Lewisville, TX

I did not expect to enjoy this course. It was very enjoyable and very informative.

Richard G.
Vienna, VA

A whole new world for this dinosaur lawyer, especially eSports. Very educational. Highly recommended.

Dwayne R.
Seattle, WA

Really great presentation! Mr. Morrison was well prepared, knowledgeable and I am sure kept everyone awake. The most important thing I learned was how much I don't know about in this area of law.

Christyann P.
Springfield, VA

great overview course

Patrick S.
Califon, NJ

I love the straight talk and practical advise.

Crystal S.
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This guy was hilarious. I would sign up for him again!

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mclean VA, VA

love this!

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Washington, DC

Great course. Thanks!

Natalie C.
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Most interesting I've ever watched

Stephen C.
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gretal t.
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Great presentation!

Andrew D.
Bountiful, UT

I rarely comment but this guy really did an outstanding job.

Eric F.
Richmond, VA

Timely course

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Boca Raton, FL

Very informative summary.

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Excellent lecture on a great topic!

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cutting edge topic well presented

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Arlington, VA

I just joined Lawline. Excited about the choices available

Joan G.
Arlington, LB

Very interesting!

Adrian M.
Alexandria, VA

Presenter is clearly a fan of the medium. Highly recommended if you are at all interested in video games.

George K.
Alexandria, VA

Intriguing course.

Chris S.
Washington, DC

This is an awesome class. He really knows his stuff and made it very interesting.

Christian K.
Alexandria, VA

Took this on a whim. It opened my eyes to a whole new area of the law.

Dean H.
Long Island City, NY

Ryan Morrison is the best!

Kevin G.
Williamsburg, VA

Great job by Ryan Morrison--very knowledgeable, and he presented the materials in an engaging way.

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Nice overview

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Guy was awesome.

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Fantastic program

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Timely, informative and entertaining. A pleasure of a course.

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Very organized and informative overview of an interesting subject.

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Highly effective teaching in a very new area

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Cool guy

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Ryan - dude you rock and I don't even play videogames!

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Outstanding presentation. Great overview of both the key legal issues and the underlying industry.

Lori B.
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Really good information.

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New York, NY

Outstanding presentation. Very informative and entertaining to watch.

Alfred D.
Long Beach, CA

Very interesting to get a glimpse at an area of law that did not even exist when I started practicing.

ethan l.
New York, NY

good overview

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glenside, PA

I had low expectations--and turned out I learned about a whole area of law I didn't know existed--who knew? Very good.

Jill K.
Harrisburg, PA

very interesting topic

Rebecca J.
Chicago, IL


Rebecca H.
Bryn Mawr, PA

Not germane to my practice, but very interesting.

justina b.
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Really useful information and crossover with other creative industries not only video games.

Marilyn G. H.

Really well-done and informative.

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outstanding and interesting

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This CLE was great. Very knowledgeable and clear.

Fred M.
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Brave new, gaming world!

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Very Interesting

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Presenter was knowledgeable & likeable. Well versed in the area of Intellectual Property.

Michael F.
Denton, TX

well done

James J.
Chicago, IL

Ryan was extremely informative and entertaining on an area of law I knew about as an IP attorney. I hadn't equated all of the record deals I've done over the years with Developer/Publisher agreements, but I can see why the business models are similar. And why publishers are hurting in the era of crowdfunding as much as labels are hurting in the era of itunes and youtube.

Diane E.
Justice, IL

complicated area of law

Sean L.
Springfield, IL

Fantastic course! Very informative in every way. Highest recommendation.

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Norfolk, VA

Thoughtful and insightful overview.

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This was a great CLE. Informative, straightforward, presented well, and organized well.

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very good real world info

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Fantastic speaker!

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Ryan Morrison was great. He was concise and on point and moved much more quickly than most others. There was so much information in this course, I wish that it had actually been longer,

Claire O.
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This is excellent. Highly recommend it.

Houston, TX

amazing what i learned about esports. i had no idea that was going on !!!

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Excellent presentation.

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Very informative, thorough, and well done.

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I found it interesting and informative

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Ryan Morrison was thoroughly knowledgeable and incredibly passionate; an outstanding presentation.

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Great presentation. Best one I've seen on lawline.

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Great overview.

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OK, Ryan rocked this! Great overview for lawyers at any level, easy to watch, substantive, informative and excellent overall!

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Helpful and fun!

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I kept pausing this so that I wouldn't miss ANY of it. Good job.

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A good presentation with clear substantive instruction on various matters that are likely important to those within the field.

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Seminar moved along at a fast pace and covered much material.

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Very good, but should have been two hours for this much material

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very good and interesting. the title sells it short. lots of implications for those of us in IP and Contracts

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This was very good; maybe too niche for me but informative.