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Using Private Investigators - Ethical and Legal Considerations

1h 1m

Created on February 03, 2022





This program, presented by Michael Ramos of Nardello & Co., will address the legal and ethical issues confronted by attorneys when retaining investigators. During this program, we will explore: (i) when to hire an outside investigator; (ii) concerns that arise when retaining an investigator, including licensing and data protection issues; (iii) ethical issues when obtaining "open source" information; (iv) ethical issues when obtaining information from human sources; and (v) concerns and considerations when conducting surveillance. Particular attention will be paid to issues that arise when practitioners conduct investigations in foreign jurisdictions, where standards and laws vary widely. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify ethical considerations when hiring and using a private investigator

  2. Learn about using "open sources" to ethically and legally obtain information, and how those sources vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. 

  3. Prepare to have your investigators conduct interviews without violating ethical rules. 

  4. Discuss how privacy and data protection laws impact the conduct of investigations.

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