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U.S. Tax Planning With Global Clients

1h 33m

Created on December 13, 2018




Join Lucy Lee and James Maynor of Greenberg Traurig LLP for a discussion of U.S. Tax Planning with Global Clients. Domestic tax planning for global clients is especially important in the current era of "global citizenship" which includes increased globalization of business and investment activities. As a result, income and estate planning on a global level is more crucial than ever. However, the U.S. tax system is a comprised of a complex system of reporting obligations, especially on a global basis. This program will walk you through all the rules you need to know and give you the skills you need to execute the most effective strategies for your clients.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Examine U.S. taxation laws and their differences from other other countries
  2. Discuss the significant penalties imposed for compliance errors
  3. Review how to execute income and estate planning on a global level
  4. Develop the most effective strategy for your global client

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