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U.S. Regulations Implementing the Volcker Rule for Covered Funds (Part 2)

1h 1m

Created on April 08, 2014



In the second program of a two part presentation, Fried Frank partner Christopher J. Bellini, head of the firm’s Financial Institutions Group, analyzes the joint agency regulations implementing the Volcker Rule’s restrictions on banking entities investing in, sponsoring or advising covered private equity and hedge funds. The program explores the exemptions that may be available under the Volcker Rule. It will also cover “Super 23A” prohibitions on transactions between a banking organization and exempted covered funds and restrictions on material conflicts of interest and exposures to high risk assets and trading strategies.


Learning Objectives:

I.   Understand the Scope of the Volcker Rule for Covered Funds

II.  Know the Available Exemptions

III. Recognize the Additional Items That Are Applicable When An Exemption Is Utilized


Program Attorney: Sigalle Barness


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