Updates in Mortgage Lending

Production Date: June 10, 2015 Practice Areas: Real Estate Estimated Length: 3619 minutes


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This course examines the new RESPA and TILA changes that are going into effect in August of 2015. It details their intent as well as their likely practical implications for residential real estate transactions. Additionally, the course covers new loan products from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac designed to increase home ownership, outline how lending guidelines have begun to loosen, and the effect FHA loans has had on the purchase market.


Finally, the course identifies new trends, as well as some of the "dirty little secrets" of the mortgage business that help attorneys more effectively represent their clients in these types of transactions.


Learning Objectives:

I.  Grasp the overall lending landscape 

II. Represent home purchasers and sellers by staying current on recent changes in the mortgage lending environment including:

  • Regulatory updates
  • Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac and FHA guidelines
Brian B.
New York, NY

The lecture was informative

lawrence g.
Leawood, KS

Mr. Shlufman is a good and knowledgeable presenter.

Stacey W.
Triangle, VA

excellent presentation!

Radley B.
New York, NY

This guy knew his stuff

Stacey N.
Washington, DC

Excellent program! The best I have viewed thus far. Good combo of industry, laws, and regulatory action.

Joseph V.
Ronkonkoma, NY

Very good for basic understanding of mortgage process

Steven S.
Davis, CA

Real estate is an important area for me and this will be very applicable.

Chris C.
Morgantown, WV

Excellent, enthusiastic speaker.

Kyle K.
Lexington, SC


Robert N.
Frisco, TX

Good update.

Cathy L.
Alexandria, VA

professor was good, succinct and organized

Steven B.
Saint James, NY

good course

Walter F.
Greenport, NY

good speaker, well organized.

Michael F.
Denton, TX

Current and important.

Kelly W.
Kirkland, WA

This is the second course I've viewed with Mr. Shulfman as the instructor. He's one of the best on mortgage-related topics.

William C.

Good job

Perry P.
New York, NY

Great job, thanks!

Ruth G.
Atlanta, GA

Very good. Scary for those who represent lenders.

Syria S.
Spring, TX

Great information that was well organized!

charles g.
Nashville, TN

thank you for the good course.

john t.
Richmond, VA

I am real estate attorney. This seminar was extremely informative on pre-closing loan issues and new disclosure requirements.

Bridget H.
Alexandria, VA

Best course I've taken on Jawline.

Anthony N.
New York, NY

Very good with respect to various changes in regulations

Belinda B.
Sugar Land, TX

This was very informative and detailed.

Thomas D.
Washington, DC

Great tutorial.

Randy B.
New York, NY

Good course. Do a part 2.

Louise B.
Aroma Park, IL

very useful updated information

Mary H.
Arlington, VA

Great presenter-easy to listen to. Packed in lots of useful info.

gary e.
Ossining, NY

Excellent presentation. Very informative.

Jaclyn C.
New York, NY

good class

Deanna B.
Houston, TX

Excellent speaker--engaging on a complex topic.

Catherine E.
Aurora, IL

This attorney provided very up-to-the-moment information on the new mortgage rules, and new cases--simply fabulous!!

Pamela R.
Albany, NY

Excellent speaker!

Kathleen M.

Excellent course outline provided.

Ilia Yvette F.
Highwood, IL

I have seen videos from this instructor before and he is the best of them all. He makes things easy to follow, he tells you what he's going to talk about and then he does it. Very well done.

TeriMichelle J.
Chesapeake, VA

Very informative

Chris K.
Orland Park, IL

Effective presentation of wide area in one hour

Jane C.
Smithtown, NY

Excellent program - could have been longer

Joshua B.
Norristown, PA

The program was a little dense for a 1 hour presentation but was overall very helpful.

Linus W.
Oneida, NY

good instructor; interesting update

Theresa G.
Chicago, IL

Excellent overview of the new mortgage laws.

Eduardo L.
El Paso, TX

Excellent speaker & content.

Mark U.
Aspen, CO

This should be a two or even three hour course

Louis M.
Saratoga Springs, NY

Great speaker

Wendie D.

Straightforward and practical info.

Charles R.
Richmond, TX

Very interesting treatment of the issues, and excellent public speaking skills.

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Chula Vista, CA

clear presetnation

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Teresa W.
Houston, TX

Excellent! Very useful information!

Andrew P.
Manvel, TX

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Holly R.
New York, NY

Could have used another hour on topic but great coverage and presentation. Thank you!

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Fredericksburg, VA

Outstanding CLE.

Nia C.
Troy, NY

Very informative

michael h.
Hayesville, NC

Very good presentation

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East Stroudsburg, PA

Presenter was excellent.

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Useful information, well presented.

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Yakima, WA

Thank you. Amazing amount of information in an hour.

James B.
New York, NY

Very informative. Engaging speaker.

Elizabeth Z.
Raleigh, NC

Thank you.

Joung Ho K.
Flushing, NJ

It was very informative on upcoming new disclosure on Aug. 1, 2015.

Jeffrey S.
Plainfield, IL

Wish the course was a little longer to allow more in depth coverage of topics, but still a very good course.