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Understanding Trademark Basics (Update)

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Produced on October 25, 2019

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Course Information

Time 1h 2m
Difficulty Beginner
Topics covered in this course: Intellectual Property Trademark

Course Description

In this course, Kelly Donohue of Wilkinson Barker Knauer LLP will provide an overview of all the basics of trademark law. You’ll discover everything you should know about trademark law and gain helpful tips on how to strengthen your company’s trademark portfolio and how to avoid infringing the intellectual property of others. Topics to be covered include: 

•      Building Your Brand and Protecting Your Rights

•      Understanding Different Types of Trademarks and Levels of Protection

•      Avoiding Unauthorized Use of Intellectual Property

Learning Objectives:

  1. Gain an understanding of different types of trademarks
  2. Identify how to use trademarks to build a brand and protect your rights
  3. Examine how to avoid the unauthorized use of intellectual property

Credit Information

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Ms. Donohue has worked on media and broadcast matters for over a decade, with a particular emphasis on broadcast law. She routinely files pleadings on behalf of clients in application and rulemaking proceedings, and handles matters relating to new station licensing, renewals, changes in communities of license, ownership and attribution, assignments and transfers, facility changes, EEO compliance, sponsorship identification and contest rules. Prior to joining the firm, Ms. Donohue spent seven years at the Federal Communications Commission, where she served as an Assistant Division Chief in the Audio Division of the FCC’s Media Bureau and as Special Counsel in the Enforcement Bureau, Office of the Bureau Chief.

Ms. Donohue also manages a growing trademark practice, counseling clients on the selection and clearance of trademarks, and preparing, filing and prosecuting federal trademark and service mark applications. She also negotiates trademark licensing, settlement and consent agreements. Ms. Donohue is well-versed in other intellectual property matters as well, and has counseled clients on issues relating to music licensing, fair use principles under copyright law, and DMCA takedown provisions.

More recently, Ms. Donohue has discovered her passion for working with start-ups and tech companies, ranging from app developers to creators of connected devices (i.e. Internet of Things). It is in this space that Ms. Donohue brings together her broad legal experience, creative "can do" thinking and strong communications skills to find innovative, cost-effective solutions to the legal hurdles new companies often face. She has provided both formal and informal guidance to dozens of companies on issues relating to intellectual property, privacy, regulatory compliance, and corporate structure/governance. 

Ms. Donohue herself has an entrepreneurial spirit. She began her career as a professional musician and continues to write music and perform regularly with her “kindie” rock band, Here Comes Trouble. She has won numerous awards for her songwriting and vocal arrangements, including placements in the Mid-Atlantic Songwriting Contest and International Songwriting Competition. 


Robert S.


Edward C.

Well organized and delivered. An excellent program.

lisa j.

Fabulous course, great overview, interesting, organized and well-prepared presenter. One of the best Lawline courses I have taken.

David G.

The presenter did a really nice job.

tina w.

good speaker and good coverage of all the basics in the area.

Rebekah S.

Great basics course!

John D.

Wonderful presentation

Amy L.

This was a very helpful overview of TM law. I wish Ms. Donahue had been my professor.

Cynthia H.

Easy to understand, straightforward presentation.

Rick S.

Despite the speaker's somewhat stilted style of presentation, she is obviously an expert in the field and was able to convey the information in a way that I could understand. Great program!

Mark A.

Not my traditional practice area but I found it informative.

Michael D.

Good examples of areas protected by TM

Helen Odar W.

One of the better cle presenters

Charlnette R.

She was excellent! One of the best!

Kirk L.

Very useful and informative lecture. I would listen to other lectures by her.

Louis D.

Great presenter

Kathy B.

I would like to see other presentations by this attorney. Real world and clear.

Jonathan D. S.

This was a good overview of the basics of trademark

Thomas P.

Excellent course!

Darryl S.

Very helpful information for my practice.

c. g.

clear and concise

Dwight B.


Steven S.

Great overall course

Herbert S.

Very good presentation!

Seth B.

Well done.

Keith B.

Very interesting. Well done.

Alison P.

Excellent presentation.

Barbara L.


Karen E.

The speaker was fun and dynamic. The beginning of the presentation was especially interesting. I had no idea that trademark law could be so absorbing - Good Job.

Karen T.

Very interesting presentation!

Teresa B.

This course was engaging and understandable for someone who doesn't practice intellectual property law.

John D.

Good overview on Trademark Basics. The faculty person was very good in presenting the material.

Ronald R.

Really thorough and thoughtful presentation. Excellent.

Lane T.

Excellent presentation.

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